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How did Carla's Funky Art start????  From the inspiration of LOLA DELGADO!  Almost two years ago, Dan and I went on a two week vacation to Belize.  We fell in love with the people, the culture, and the country!  That trip was a life-changing event for me.  A backpack, some cash, and a pair of shorts changed my whole life.  I will never be the same person again!

I have created art my entire life. As a child you would find me in my room, coloring, drawing, pasting stuff together and painting.  I dreamed of going to art school after I graduated high school.  Life had other plans for me at the time, along came a baby boy, a marriage, a baby girl, and before I knew it I owned a home.  I had visions of being something more than my dental assisting job allowed, but hey, it paid the bills!  I spent years of my life working in people's mouths, and I was so tired of it.  I had been going through a lot in my life when we took that vacation in Belize. I had been doing some soul-searching, and trying to find myself again.....

On the last day of our wonderful vacation, I had read in the Belize Lonely Planet that Seine Bight was the place to go for wonderful Belizean Art. I told Dan we just had to go!  We grabbed bikes from the Maya Beach Hotel and rode a few miles south to check it out.  It was terribly humid and hot that day, and I am not much of a bike rider. After a few gallons of water....we persevered, and made it.

What a sight to see!!!! When we walked into Lola's Art Gallery, I was in HEAVEN!  There were tons of beautiful bright paintings all over her walls.  Each and everyone made me smile and feel good!  I thought to myself "this is what art is all about!" Lola was so wonderful!  She was sitting right there painting in her studio!  She told us about her life story.  She started with nothing, began creating cards for her friends...and everything took off from there!  She now owns a home, beautiful gardens and her own art gallery!  

Dan mentioned to her  that I was an artist.  The whole time we shopped, she kept telling me to "just do it", "just start painting, if I can do it, you can too!"  She was so happy that Dan was supporting my art!  When we arrived home to the States, Dan kept at me!!! He kept telling me "look at Lola...she is right, you need to just do it!"  So now here I am today....painting, painting, painting! Selling art, being happy, and making people smile!  Thank you LOLA!  Thanks for making me DO IT!  I hope to go back to Seine Bight soon....and maybe one day Lola and I can paint together over a Belikin or two!

I interviewed Lola via email the other day, and here are some interesting things to know!

Lola was born in 1959 in Belize City, and has been creating art her entire life.  She is a busy mom of 2, and a grandmother of 4!  She was the first person to open an art gallery on the Placencia Peninsula. (She has a large sign posted in the village of Seine Bight) She has  been painting and writing full-time since 1992, and her favorite medium is acrylic. Her favorite artists are Frida Kahlo, M.C. Escher, and Dali.  She finds her inspiration from the wonderful people around her, the sea, and her garden. (you should check out her garden blog!)  She loves to go to bed reading Stephen King books, but is afraid to watch scary movies by herself!!! (That makes two of us!)

Check out her website or you can contact her on her LOLA'S ART GALLERY Facebook page!

The garden in front of Lola's Gallery

If you are ever visiting Belize, I encourage you to go and check out Lola's Art, you will not be disappointed!  Thanks again Lola for inspiring me, and telling me to "just do it" have changed my life!