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Facebook Anonymous…..

Me, PaintingcarlaComment name is Carla MacDiarmid and I AM ADDICTED TO FACEBOOK! is my new self-portrait, doesn't it look like me???? Do any of you know where I can find the local Facebook Anonymous meeting here in Anacortes??? I think I need to go!  I can sit around with fellow FB' ers and we can discuss our addiction, have some coffee or tea.....and talk about our problem.  I have been thinking about my recent (or not so recent) addiction and I have come up with two conclusions to my problem.  First of all, we have no TV (which I am proud to announce that it has been 8 years without one!!!!  Do you really remember all those shows that you HAVE to watch every night? What a time-waster!) and second, we have just moved and I have no social life or friends here in Anacortes.  So let's make this simple:


On a good note, I have finally weaned myself off of FACEBOOK GAMES, and that my friend, was no easy feat!  Just so you know, it has been 37 days without playing a FB game....not that I am counting or anything! I knew there was a BIG problem when I would set the alarm at 2:00 a.m. so I could harvest my crops on FARMVILLE!  WHAT????  Nothing feels better than taking care of your farm, picking fruit off of trees, and helping your animals!  I went though a ton of all started with the farm, then moved to, Mafia Wars, Tiki Resort, BackYard Monsters, and Cafe World.  I mean, who wouldn't love baking recipes online and taking care of your own virtual restaurant!  Come to find out, these games are all the same.  They want you to have a ton of "neighbors" in order to level up, then you get to go online every few hours, do some random task, get energy.....blah....blah....blah.....I knew things were over the top when I forgot to feed my fish on time in FISHVILLE, and they all died and floated upside down.  I almost cried!  Then I thought to myself "Carla, they are not real fish....just computer fish....PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER GIRL!!!!!"

Another great thing about Facebook is the fact that I am soooooo popular!!!! 450 friends??? Who knew???? Ha! Ha! Now I can get my social fix every night on the couch in the comfort of my own home! that really healthy??? Awww.......who cares!  One of my all time favorite "highs" is when you log in and you see those bright red squares in the upper left hand corner.  "Yahoo" I say to myself....I got one friend request, 2 messages.....and 13 comments!!!!!!!! IT IS SO EXCITING! Seriously though, I really enjoy looking at friends (family) photos, seeing their family and talking to people that I wouldn't normally get a chance to.  I now talk to cousins who are across the United States, and I never got to know them well before.  I am able to see what people are up to that I graduated with.  It is like our own Class of 1992 reunion online!

Well I better get off of here, and check my Facebook page.  Who knows, I might have missed a really DRAMATIC"I just got out of bed and am drinking coffee"......or "my cat is crazy....and is running through the house" You just never know what you could miss. (Oh wait, that is the BEST can't miss anything posted on the home page, because you just scroll down!!!)

Well, you know where to find me......right in front of the computer screen......feel free to swing by.....give me a "poke" or "like".........and we can have our own little Facebook party!

P.S. If you too are suffering from FAD (Facebook Addiction Disorder)....maybe we can carpool to the next meeting together......and share some Starbucks and a cookie!!!!