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Four Crazy Daisies So here are a few things that I have figured out through all of this. One, I am not a forgive me if sentences and punctuation are all screwed up!  Two, I love selling paintings to old high school friends on Facebook.  You are probably thinking  that I must be totally lame (I have considered this about myself, ha! ha!).  For example, I just made these crazy daisies for a friend that I went to South Kitsap with.  I haven't talked to her in years.  She sent me a message on Facebook, explaining that she always wondered what I had done with my art, and would love to commission some paintings.  The best part was that after the paintings were finished, I was able to deliver them to her. We met at an Old Navy parking lot (the day after Thanksgiving, the BIGGEST shopping day of the do not image an empty parking lot, it was CRAZY!)  It was great to meet up with her and see that she is still looks and acts the same as in high school!  I had forgotten how fun and energetic her personality was!!!  I was also able to meet her little boy and husband.  Without Facebook, I may have never talked to her again!  I have sold several paintings to old high school friends on Facebook.  It has been a blast from the past and brings back so many memories......So for all  you people that make fun of Facebook, you might want to might be missing out......