Carla's Funky Art

Dog-gone CrAzY!!!!


Thought I would paint a CrAzY pUp to honor this CrAzY wEeK!  Is this week ever going to end?!?!?!?  It has been a rough one!  I have been so nervous about the kids starting their new school, making friends, and riding the bus!  I have come to realize that I am horrible with change.  My daughter has been having a rough time at the new school, and she is missing her friends on the island.  I am having a rough time because I feel bad for her.  Dan and Orion seem to have it all together and are adjusting well....what is up with that?  No FAIR!  This crazy funny painting pretty much expresses how I am dealing with life right now!  Doesn't the dog look a little freaky and stressed?!?!?!  Well, that is ME! :)  I just finished up a "Crazy" Starbucks chick last night, she turned out so cool!  I still have to take some pictures of her, hopefully I can get her up on the blog tomorrow...stay tuned for the next episode of: "Carla's Crazy Life of the Mainland...."