Carla's Funky Art

Do these jeans make my butt look big?

Paintingcarla lose a few pounds, you think you are lookin' great!!!!! Then you decide it is time to purchase some new hot lookin' jeans, or how about a new two piece bathing suit?  You jam in your car, listen to some tunes, the sun is out, and you are feeling especially cute in your sunglasses.  After driving around the mall parking lot a few extra times (just to be sure everyone has seen you lookin' great in your car) you pull up, ready to tackle the clothes section.  After strolling through and picking out some hip new jeans, the latest in march right into the dressing room.....and then....that is when it happens....... You take off your clothes, you are standing there in the fluorescent lights trying to ignore those cellulite shadows on your thighs.... you grab the new jeans, and start pulling up.....but something is wrong....why is it getting harder and tighter the higher you go?  After a mild heart attack, some extra breaths from holding your stomach flat, you finally get them take a glance in the mirrow....and this is what you see......

CHEERS to all of us women who have big butts!!!!!!!!!!!