Carla's Funky Art

Dinosaur Days


Well, lucky for you........I thought I would share my self-portrait for the day.  Yep, I feel like a dinosaur.  When did I get old?  The worst part is that I still think I am 22 but then I look in the mirror.  Uhhhh-ohhhhh.....not so young anymore, ha! ha!  I am not sure when this wrinkly age-spotting started to happen, but it must not have been overnight!  I look around and think, where has all the time gone?  I am almost 40 folks, and you know what that means?? Over the hill!  The good news is that at least it is downhill from here!  This week has been the craziest week ever.  I have been working a ton for Anacortes Kayak Tours.  I am almost done with my big project for my ladies down in California!  Yahooo!  This next week, I will be busy painting, painting, painting for the farmers market!  It has been very challenging trying to work plus keeping up with inventory for the market.  I think after summer, I am going to take a big fat vacation!!!!  Sorry it has been "slow" on the blog posts lately, I have really been stretched for time!  Tomorrow is Shipwreck Days here in Anacortes. Hip-Hip-Hooray!  I will have to take some photos and share it with you next week!  Have a super Friday!