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Clean those TEETH!


Sooo....every morning around here, you can hear me tell the kids at least 150 times "don't forget to brush your teeth!"  What is the deal with kids not wanting to brush their teeth????  You would think after years of routine, they would just go into the bathroom and do it!  I swear if I didn't tell them a million times every morning, they would head off to school with nasty dirty slimy teeth! UGH!  My favorite thing is when they tell me "I brushed my teeth" with their slimy grin, I stomp off to the bathroom to find their toothbrush sitting on the counter dry.  I think to myself......"Ummmm hello???? Do you guys think I am that dumb???" Ha! Ha!  Any advice from fellow parents on how to get their kids to brush their teeth without having to tell them 150 times?  Am I the only one dealing with this???  I think today I will threaten them with smearing wet dog food on their brushes if they give me a hard time! :)  HAPPY WEDNESDAY!