Carla's Funky Art

Caw! Caw!


Here is my latest "crows on a wire" painting.  I thought it would be appropriate to post this because every morning I wake up to "CAW! CAW! CAW!"  Don't all of those crows realize that I am trying to get some shut eye?  My favorite thing is when they land on our chimney and then proceed to get in a fight with one another!  You would think that our roof is falling in.....the sound comes down into the fireplace!  I always panic, and run over to the fireplace and make sure the screen is closed.  I just know one of these days a big ol' crow is going to fly down into the living room!  Since there is nothing I can do about them being so loud and obnoxious I thought I would become "one with them." Here is my NICE and RELAXING crow painting.   I love how the painting shows two lovebird crows all cuddled-up........sweet and QUIET! :) Hope you have a great rest of the week!