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Boxed Wine

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Ok Folks.....let us have a little chat about wine.  My favorite wine is the wonderful dark RED wine.  Please do not ask me if I like Merlot, Cabernet, or a blend, because honestly I have no idea what it all means.  What I have figured out over the years is that I like wine that is red.  Ha! Ha!  Let us do a little back story.  I am wine illiterate.  I started drinking wine a few years ago.  Here is how I pick a wine at the store. 1). I walk up to the aisle, find a cool looking label (something that is bright, a funny picture, or a funny name.) 2.) I make sure the color is red (I usually look at the bottle and see that it is really dark.) 3.)  I check the price, if it is 15.00 or less.....I BUY IT!  To the wine connoisseur, this might seem like the most ridiculous thing that they have ever heard!  I realized a while back that I had no idea about wine (and I really did want to learn about it).....I even went as far as checking out a few wine tasting events!  There is this awesome wine guy named Stan who lived on San Juan Island.  He knows everything and anything about wine! Every month he would hold a wine tasting event.  I would show up with my money, grab a chunk of cheese and skim around the tables.  I would hear comments like "Ahh...this one has a nice oak aroma and flavor. " or words such as "tannin" and "acididy"......and I am like WHAT?  I can't taste that!  What is wrong with me?  So needless to say, as hard as I tried, I just gave up on "trying to taste" the wine, and went back to my funky labels that looked cool, and had a cheap price!  I have bought the coolest labels! Some of my favorites are: Three Blind Moose, Fat Bastard, and Red Truck.  There is also this fun label with a bright Kangaroo, but I can't remember the name! :) One day, I was wandering through the local wine aisle.  (I always seem to end up there, what is with that?) I came across several "Boxed" wines.....and I thought....hey why not try one of those?  I am not sure when boxed wine originally started, but I never remember them being so cool as they are today. They have tall boxes, short squatty boxes, and even an octagon!  The best part, is one box is 3 or 4 bottles of wine, ha! ha! Just think, less trips to the store!  Boxed wine has come along way, and there are many options to choose from.  I have tried: Red Box, Black Box, and my new favorite is Big House Red! (It has the coolest picture of a jail scene on it! You really should check out the box!)  Sooooo.....if you haven't yet had the chance, I suggest you head out to the store.....and grab a BOX OF WINE, and TRY IT!  The worst thing that can happen is you now have a bunch of wine that you have to drink! Ha! Ha!

Here is what I look like after trying some boxed wine:

"I am falser than the vows made in wine" -William Shakespear