Carla's Funky Art

Beware of the Sea


Made this silly guy yesterday!  It reminds me of my vacation to Belize!  As much as I loved snorkeling and swimming in the water; I was always scared a fish was going to bite me!  The freakiest part was the big fat BARRACUDA that would just stare at you!!!  Don't they have anything better to do but just sit there and look at you????  FREAKY!  FREAKY!  I actually had a little tiny red and black fish bite me while snorkeling around Tobacco Caye!  Such territorial little fish!  SPOOKY!

Have you ever been swimming in a lake when the weeds touched your feet and legs!  THAT FREAKS ME OUT!  What if it was a dead body or a creepy fish like this!  Beware of the sea, you never know what is under the WATER!