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April Commissioned Pieces

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So I have had some requests to start posting some of the commissioned pieces I have been working on.  April has been a BUSY art month for me! That is GOOD NEWS! Here are a few of the latest! I love it when people come up with personal funny ideas and then ask me to paint them.  The sock monkey below is a classic example!  What could be better for a mechanics wife than to have a ROCKIN' SOCK MONKEY painting of her husband holding a wrench! Ha! Ha!

Yahoooooo for sock monkeys!

This one is going into a nursery......awwww.....this one is going to be perfect for a little tiny baby! :)

Who doesn't love crazy peacocks????

A BIG THANK YOU SHOUT OUT to all of you supporting my art!  There are more pictures to come, but right now...I am off to paint!