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Anacortes, my town..........


Oh how I love this little sleepy town of Anacortes!  This has been such a wonderful move and I have really been enjoying the past two years.  I can't decide if it is the lovely people who live here, or the beauty of the area....but needless to say, it was one of the best decisions we have ever made!!!!!

The only thing I wish, is that we had family that lived in the same town. I miss my family so much!  I think that Olalla will always be my "home town," and I will ALWAYS be a country girl at heart!

Even though it has already been two years, there is still so much checking out to do around here.  Another thing that surprises me, are all of  the free festivals that take place around town.  I swear there is always SOMETHING going on around here. This weekend is the Oyster Run in old town..... one of the largest biker runs around!  I may have to wear my leather chaps this Saturday at the farmers market in honor of the BIKERS!

Soooo, since I love this little town so much, I thought I would come up with a way to "Give Back."  After December, things should slow down a bit.  I was thinking of doing some type of scavenger hunt for the locals.  It would go something like this.....I would hide a painting somewhere here in Anacortes, and give clues on my Facebook.  People would have to try to figure out where it is hidden....and whoever figures it out first gets a FREE PIECE OF ART!!!  Woo-hooo!  I will have to keep you up to date when it closer!

I have been working on a TON of new paintings to display at the upcoming holiday shows. So excited to share them with you! Here are a few of my Anacortes series that I am currently working on.....

Check it out:

Missed the Boat......

Burrows Island

Happy Wednesday!