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My Daily Visitor

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Everyday, at some point....I look out a window and see CHARLIE!!!!  He is my new daily visitor!  (I named him Charlie, have no idea why.)  The great part is that I never know when or where I am going to see him around the house!  Sometimes he likes to hang out right by the front porch and other times, he is in the backyard!  I am guessing that a neighbor must feed him everyday.  Yesterday, I realized that I must need to get more of a social life.  The highlight of my day is waiting around for old Charlie to show up!!!!  Today, I will make an attempt to find a new friend!  If I were you, I would avoid Anacortes.....I just might be out there stalking you with a cardboard sign that says "needs friends!"  I would have to say the hardest part about moving is not knowing a soul.  Especially moving from a small island where you knew everyone!  If I can't find a friend today, at least I know Charlie will show up...he has been so loyal!!! YEAH FOR DEER!