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All Settled In......


Burrows Island

Back to reality...we are all settled into the new house.  I thought you might want to check out our view!  It has been quite an adjustment moving off of the island.  The first night was a little bit of culture shock.  Street lights?  Hearing cars?  Who are all of these PEOPLE?  Now it has been a week and a half, and we are settling in nicely.  We have met some wonderful neighbors already, and were even invited to a holiday party!  I think the most noticeable thing about moving off of San Juan Island is how friendly the people are here, and they seem genuinely happy.  We went for a hike in Washington Park on Christmas day. I figured nobody would be out on the holiday, boy.......was I surprised.  There were many families out with their children, and grandparents, whole families hiking and spending the holidays outdoors!  What a wonderful thing!  We have had a ball getting to know our new little town.  We have checked out the library, old town, and the local casino!  It has been so nice to be able to go to Costco, and the grocery store without having that sinking feeling in your gut that you might miss the ferry.  I haven't quite been able to get back into painting this week like I had hoped.  Guess it is time to get off this computer, and get to work!