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80's Flashback!


Ok is my 80's flash back moment!!!  Only those of you who grew up in Kitsap County in the 80's will appreciate this one, ha! ha!  Way  back in the day, when I was in grade school and middle school, the "coolest" of the cool people wore "Charly B" sweatshirts!  I will never forget the FAD that went through the is how I remember it:

1. You were "somewhat" cool if you owned a Charly B sweatshirt.

2. You were "cool" if you had a Charly B sweatshirt, and Normandy Rose sparkle jeans.

3. You were "pretty cool" if you could wear a Charly B sweatshirt, sparkle jeans, and Jelly shoes.

4. You were "Ultra Cool" if you could pull off a Charly B sweatshirt, sparkle jeans, Jelly shoes and A SIDE PONY!!!!! What? What?

For those of you who still want to relive the 80's, the Charly B store is back in buisiness!!!! Wahoooo!  When I found that out, I just had to get one!!!! I really wanted to go with hot pink but decided I should mellow it out a little bit and went with brown.  I figure the kids will still be seen with me! :D

If you would like to read about the fad that swept Kitsap  County in the 80's, click HERE.

For those of you who could care less about how cool Charly B sweatshirts were in the 80's.....feel free to click out of this blog post!!! Ha! Ha!