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Wow! A Whirlwind Month!

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Holy Smokes Batman...November is already coming to an end?  Oh ya, thats right, I haven't had a chance to sit down since this month has started!  Ha! Ha!  What a fun, exhausting, adventurous month it has been!  Dan and I have been so busy traveling around selling art at holiday shows.  We kicked it off with Holiday Fest in to see some wonderful old friends.....then headed to the Anacortes Holiday Market at the Port Warehouse.  I can't express enough how much I love this little town.  Our third show just wrapped up down in Gig Harbor.  We spent the week at my dad's having Thanksgiving, doing some Black Friday shopping, then headed to Winterfest at Peninsula High School.

Here is what I have learned the past month:

1. Yes, no matter what....we have to bring portable lighting, the paintings "pop."

2. Do not pick a holiday show that doesn't have a Starbucks close by. Not good folks.

3. Read your Square manual before you have to do a refund, that was a little stressful. :)

4. Bring a ton of extra cash, Dan eats all day long.....

5. Buy a dolly.....that way we don't have to make 50 trips back and forth to the car.

6. Bring something to do. A book? Some paints? Sundays can be long.

7. When taking two cars, always pick the car that the kids are not in.

8. Always look nice, you never know when you are going to see your first boyfriend from when you were 10.

Thank you to everyone that came by, said hi....and all of those of you who supported my art!  I had a wonderful year!  With the holiday shows wrapped up, I am gearing up for Christmas myself!  This weekend the decorations will be flying through the air.....the tree will be popped up....and may the hot buttered rums be poured freely (that's Dan's job since he doesn't like to help decorate.)  I plan on being extra obnoxious with the Christmas tunes this year.....Dan and kiddies really like that!   They "extra-like" when I sing them myself and dance!!! :)

Stay tuned, commissioned pieces will be blogged soon!

Happy Holidays!