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Let’s “play” Farmers Market

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So.....we are gearing up around here for my first ANACORTES FARMERS MARKET!  You should see the living room right now. The booth is taking up the whole thing.  Here are a few pictures I took to play around with things a bit. I wanted to see how everything is going to look.  I am nervous that it looks to busy.  What do you think?  Comments would be greatly appreciated.  I paint big bright things, and when you throw them all together it starts looking CRAZY!  I am hoping that the whole FUNKY art name will make up for it! Ha! Ha!  My daughter was a huge help yesterday. We have everything hung in groups as much as we could, and she helped decorate the table.  The only thing left to do is add the poker chip price tags.  We got this great idea to attach some velcro (a big thank you to Dan's dad....who sent us a ton of it!) to the back of poker chips and then stick them on the carpet panels underneath the paintings.  I think after our "practice run" it will be easier to set up at the market.  I am interested to see how this goes.  When I sold at venues in Friday Harbor, I knew a ton of people....and they would by my art because they knew my personality.  It is hard to throw your work out there and have people judge it, so scary! I know it is really different, bright, and funky, but what if people don't like it.  The hardest part about being an artist is the "rejection" aspect.  Heart and soul goes into something you create, and it is challenging to get negative feedback.  It has been getting easier I guess, the older I get....I think "who cares, it makes me smile and happy when I that is all that matters!" Well, I am off to get a ton of things done around here today....the house looks like a bomb went off!  Wish me luck at the market, I will let you know how it goes!!!! If you are in Anacortes....swing by from 9-2 this Saturday March 19th....we are going to be on the corner in the old Frontier auto building on Highway 20 at the turn to take to Whidbey Island! (the winter market is at a separate location...the summer market is in town!)