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23 Days? What?

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Holy smokes, it has been a looooooong time since I have updated my blog! 23 days?  WOWSERS!!!!   Christmas was great but the month of December just flew by!  We had plans every weekend, plus things during the week!  AGH!  Lets get you up to date on what has been going on in our lives:

December 10th was the Holiday Express Show at the Depot!  A big shout out thank-you to Dan for always helping me with my booth!  Without him, Carla's Funky Art would not  exist!

I took the fam to see The Nutcracker here in Anacortes.  What an awesome show!  Ally had several friends that were in it, and she loved to watch them preform.  Dan fell asleep as expected, but Orion loved it!  He did mention at intermission that it would be "way better" if the dancers used "words!" ha! ha!

As some of you know, Dan makes homebrew.  (If you ever run into him, never EVER bring it up or he will talk your ear off!)  We made several batches to hand out to friends and family for Christmas gifts.  I spent hours putting caps on bottles like Laverne and Shirley.  Here was the painting used to make the labels.

Orion and I went on a Christmas carriage ride and sang Christmas carols in old town! Lang's Horse and Pony Farm were giving free rides through town every Saturday!

Yep, yep!  We had an AWESOME Christmas!  Austin is buried on the couch!

The only thing I wanted for Christmas, I didn't get.  A little tiny pug.  That is why I made Dan this adorable plate!  I will serve him breakfast, lunch and dinner on it until I get one!

Well, I hope you all survived the holidays as well as we did!  I have lots of plans for 2012!  The big unveiling from my California commissioned pieces will be revealed in March.  Dan and I are signing up for some new art shows.  We are going to be making prints, and a different selection of cards.  See ya next year! :)