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Tulips and Eggs!

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Two thumbs up for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.  Yesterday, we went out to "tip-toe" through the tulips, and they WERE BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Please enjoy the picture above, because it was one of the only two that were taken yesterday. UGH! is how we started the day.  It was a beautiful 63 degrees and sunny...I was sooooo happy to going to the tulip festival, it is something that I look forward to every year.  We drive around (which takes a while, the tulip fields were packed with visitors) and finally find a parking spot.  We hop out of the car, throw our shades on, and head out to the tulips.  We snap two photos....and guess what happened?  THE BATTERY DIES ON THE CAMERA......AGH!!!!  I couldn't believe it!!!! I was so disappointed that we couldn't get more photos!!!! I guess we will have to go back next year!

After checking out the fields, we popped into La Conner, the cutest little town around!  I could have spent all day checking out the shops and art galleries.  My favorite shop was Nasty Jack's Antiques.... lots of old cool signs, furniture, and various treasures. Did you know that La Conner even has their own little brewery?  The town was packed with visitors eating ice cream, shopping and dining outside.  I am going to have to go back and check out the town when I have more time!

Hope everyone is having a great Easter! Ours began with the coffee pot breaking! YIKES! We survived the egg hunt with no coffee, everyone is still alive, and the kids managed to find all the eggs!  We had chocolate bunnies, peeps and jelly beans for breakfast (I figured I would go with a sugar rush since I couldn't get any caffeine!).  My daughter just made some beautiful deviled eggs for dinner later today!!! Happy Spring!