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The Lights of Christmas – Warm Beach

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YEAH!  Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!  What a great weekend we had! After a night of Christmas lights and then having Christmas "throw-up" in our house.....we are all totally in the Christmas mood! (Well, all of us besides just can't take the Grinch out of him!)  We started off by heading to Warm Beach to see "The Lights of Christmas!".   It was about a 50 minute drive south from here in Stanwood.  This was our first time checking out what they had to offer.  We usually head to Zoolights in Tacoma at the Point Defiance Zoo.  The first thing I should have realized is that we probably shouldn't have gone on the busiest day of the week.  Saturday night was PACKED with people.  Big crowds and LONG lines.  All in all, we decided to quit whining and enjoy our lighted adventure. We started off by grabbing some warm, right out of the oven DOUGHNUTS!!!! Delish!    We wandered through a million lights.  Like I said, the lines we super long.....we waited forever to be able to chat with "Bruce the Spruce" the talking tree.  It was so hilarious!  Orion was totally freaked out and tried to split several times.  :)  Ally was so "over it".....I think the kids thought we were crazy.  Several tents had holiday ornament making, so the kids made a few....we gathered around the campfire and listened to carols.  The highlight of the night for Ally and I was checking out the petting zoo.  Lots of sheeps and little tiny goats!  We skipped the "Polar Bear Express Train" due to the long lines, and topped off the night listening to the Seattle Girl's Choir.  Warm Beach had a great lighted festival, but not to sure I would go back again next year. Me being my frugal self thought the prices were ridiculous.  Tickets were expensive, you had to buy all the activities.  We could have gone to the zoo for half the price and wouldn't have had to deal with the large crowds. Sunday we got our "Christmas On" here at the house. We blasted Christmas music......baked our favorite cookies....the Hershey Kiss kind. (You know the ones....the kiss smashed on top of the peanut butter cookie!)....and wrapped presents!  Dan pouted on the couch and TRIED to play computer poker on Facebook.....but he eventually gave in! I even heard him hum a Christmas tune!  YAHOOO! I gave several hints about how great the holiday would be if we only had a pug!  Maybe I will even get my pug puppy this year!

Ally and the snowman! Notice anything different about Al??? She is a BRACE FACE!

WOW, now this a picture. Why do the kids look like they want to crawl in a hole and die? :)

Ooooo.....Ahhhhh.....reminds me of the 4th of July!

The boys!

"Bruce the Spruce" the talking tree...(and Orion freaking out! Ha! Ha!)

Save your Drama for your Llama!

Happy Holidays!!!! :)