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The Juicy Dog

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Well, I have to admit.....I am not much of a "hot dog" person.  In fact, it would be something that I would pick LAST if I was going to choose something to eat.  That was BEFORE I had eaten a hot diggity over at THE JUICY DOG!!!!!  The newest little restaurant in Anacortes has everyone talking in the TOWN!  I kept hearing about this little place that had the BEST GOURMET HOT DOGS EVER.......what???  What exactly is a gourmet hot dog?  Dan, Al and I hopped in the car the other night and went to check it out.  I couldn't believe the menu!!!!  They had the craziest items you could get for your hot was even wrapped in bacon!!!!  Bacon makes everything taste better, ha! ha!  The best part was that they even offered gluten-free buns!!!!! YAHOOOO!  I could even eat one!  I ordered "The Works" smothered in cream cheese and it was fabulous!  They also offer a full juice bar, but we opted to go with Coca-Cola in bottles, made with real SUGAR!  Something about having a Coke in a bottle???  It aways tastes BETTER! If you are ever out and about, you really need to check out The Juicy Dog!!!!!  You will not be disappointed!  :)  Here is a link to their Facebook page, then click "I LIKE!"