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Take a hike!!!!

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We have been doing a ton of hiking around here, pretty much every weekend.  The kids have had a great time checking out Anacortes, and the maze of local trails!  It is unbelievable how many things there are to do around here!  Miles and miles of  woods, trails and parks!  The best part is that most of the areas are just a few miles from the house!  (ok, well actually the best part is that it is FREE!)  Washington weather is unpredictable to say the least, so we pretty much  get out and about rain or shine!!!! So far, the kids love Washington Park the most.  I think it is because of different options.  You can trail hike, walk on the paved road, The beaches are sprinkled with sea glass, wahoo!  Whistle Lake is another beautiful area to hike around.  It is about a mile hike in, up and over a mountain.....and is GORGEOUS! We have heard that it is a popular swimming lake in the summer time!  A few weeks ago, Dan and I got lost at Cranberry Lake.  We spent two extra hours circling and trying to weave out way back to the car.  Having never been lost before, I was amazed at out loss of direction....Dan and I kept arguing about which way the lake was....and we ended up being both wrong!!!! After stumbling up on a stranger, we broke down and asked for help.  If it wasn't for that nice guy guiding us back, we would still be out there today!!!!  I highly recommend bringing a trail map with you.  I will never ever go out on the trails without our handy map!!!! (Whistle Lake, Cranberry Lake, Washington Park and Heart lake all have downloadable maps, click HERE.) Another great thing about hiking, is how many calories that you burn!  It is a fun way to exercise and enjoy the view!  I swear I have hiked off pounds, and my butt is getting smaller by the minute. (Thank goodness...due to my last post, we have a huge issue!)  Nothing better than burning a few extra calories while entertaining the kids!  Ha! Ha! Our next adventure is going to be walking around Heart Lake, it looks like it is a nice and easy trail for the kids. The hike includes several bridges and a view point at the top of a mountain (hmmmm....we will see if they make it up to the top!) My plan is to check out as many trail systems around here as we can, then off to the Cascade Mountains!  I hear the Glacier area has a TON of GREAT HIKES!  Ideally.....we are going to burn the kids out so bad that they never want to do anything with us again! HA!  Just kidding!  Get outside and get your booty movin'!!!!!!!!