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We don't get a chance to see a lot of snow in our neck of the woods, so when it does, it is SO EXCITING!  Our family LOVES the snow.  Whenever the forecasters predict we are going to get some, we run around the living room doing a "SNOW DANCE"!!!!!  Well, we sure got blasted this year...YAHOOOOOOO!   Here in Anacortes we got over 7 inches of snow!  Hip-hip-hooray.  There are parts of Washington that received over a foot!  (I really wish we lived there!)

We had  blast yesterday playing outside and sledding down our driveway!  We even pulled off OPERATION OLD SALTS!  What is Operation Old Salts you ask?  Well, let me fill you in.  We had a major tragedy here at the house!  WE WERE OUT OF HOT CHOCOLATE!  AGH!  There is no way you can make it through a SNOW DAY with out rich and creamy hot chocolate with extra whip cream!  Our family made a pact that we would sled to Old Salts Grocery Store to get some.  This was a MAJOR FEAT!  We live on top of a huge hill overlooking Burrows Island.  Old Salts is more than a mile away AT THE BOTTOM OF THE HILL!  The kids were able to sled down some gigantic hills.  We finally made it down....grabbed some hot chocolate (and a bottle of wine) and made it BACK UP THE ENORMOUS HILLS!  Yahooooooooooooo!  We were snow rock stars!

The night ended with a Xbox Kinect party downstairs in the rec room.  We all played "Just Dance" and had a blast.  I even beat Ally on the song "Pump It!"  (that was a really big deal here at our house!)  Now it is back to reality and a new day.  The schools are closed down for their third day in a row, my car is still stuck out in the road, and I need to get to work.  It ought to be an interesting day.  For now......I will just look out the window and enjoy the little gift that the Snow Gods brought to us......and keep doing the happy snow dance! :)

I received some Belizian mail in the morning!  Some art cards from Lola's Art....I won a raffle last month!

Yes, we are really this adorable.......

Here is Ally in her "Super Star" sledding outfit, I mean, does it get any brighter?

I think Orion had the most fun sledding!  He was a sledding superstar!

Yahoo!  We made it to Old Salts!