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Rough Week!

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What is wrong with this picture?  Take a close look!!!! This was the last time my favorite painting was in one piece!  Dan had this wonderful genius idea to stack a step-stool on top of the hearth and add a milk crate on it!!!!  What?  My favorite part is that he asked me to take a picture of him hanging it!!!  Right after this picture was taken he came crashing down....and tore a hole through my FAVORITE BUBBLE TREE painting!!!! AGH!!!!!  The worst part was, I didn't even think to ask if he was OK, I ran right to the painting and FREAKED-OUT!!!!!  If you are wondering if Dan is still alive, he not worry, I will think of a way to get him back!  Now where did he place his outrigger canoe?  I am headed out to the garage to see what damage I can do!!!!! :D