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Well folks.  I got nothin'.  Well nothin' good to blog anyways.  This has been heavy on my mind lately.  I mean.....there has been NOTHING happening around here.  Let me reflect on the past few weeks.  We have not done much, that is for sure.  I did finally get the studio cleaned up.  That is pretty much it.  I have been currently working on two commissioned pieces for a family.  It is of their cat and dog.  They are turning out really cute, I will have to share them with you when I get them done.

The only exciting thing that has happened this last month is the "Mysterious Missing Recycling Can Mystery".....that was pretty exciting for about three weeks.  To make a long story short, our recycling can disappeared.  We spent weeks calling the company begging for a new can....and every week they said they would deliver one.  Finally after the third week we started getting grouchy.  After a long investigation we learned that they had delivered three cans to our address and the neighbor had them stacked up on the side of his house???  Weird.  Well needless to say, we won't have that problem again....I went "Ghetto Daisy Style" on our can:

Oh ya baby!!! Just try to steal that!!! Ha! Ha!

Another thing I have been obsessed about has been my watercolor journal.  I have been loving it!!!! :) I ordered a traveling watercolor set, and have enjoyed the portable water color brush.  I try to do 2 to 3 pages a week about what is going on with our family.  It has been hilarious.  I hope that one day the kids will look back through it and remember some of the great times we have had!  Here is a quick page I did back during the holidays:

Hmmm.....what else is going on around here?  Oh ya, Dan and I are still doing the Biggest Loser Challenge.  So far I am in the lead, I won 3 weeks and he has one two.  On a good note, we are both losing weight!  Yahooo!  I lost 7 pounds and he has lost 6.  We had a minor set back when the treadmill broke.  After whining about it, we decided that our fat butts better take some action and we bought a new one!!!  I have only been able to walk on it so far, due to my pain in the butt, literally!  I have been fighting piriformis syndrom.  This has been an off and on running injury that I have been fighting for years.  I just graduated from physical therapy, and it looks like I be able to get back running again as early as next week!  Yahoo!

Came across this picture tonight, looking for random nothingness to blog about.  Dan and Orion fishing under the moonlight.   I can't wait for summer nights at the beach cabin again.  It just can't get here fast enough.

Well, that is it for now peeps.  I promise my next post will be way more exciting, and I promise to blog more!!!! :) Thanks for readin'.....

Happy Monday!