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Paper Mache Update.....

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Being the rockstars that we are, and we have no life....our Friday night consisted of working on our paper mache for THE BIG CONTEST!!!!!  First of all, I had no idea HOW HARD IT WAS GOING TO BE!  Dan and I had a really tough time trying to figure out how to attach the tails to the bottom of the balloon base.  I almost gave up at one point and crushed my fish!  Ha! Ha!  Once I had the concept down on what I wanted to do, I finally was able to start the process of sculpting.  Dan's fish has really big fins and he wants it to stand up.  He cut a million fins until he figured out how to make it work.  One point in the evening he was totally frustrated and fins were flying through the dining room like frisbees!  After a few hours of working on them (we had no idea what a huge project this would be) we got the basic shape of what we wanted to do.  We eventually had to call it a night due to running out of paper and masking tape!

Here is where we are at:

The beginnings of a FREAKY FISH!

The stand up shark???? Hmmmmm.....(I THINK I AM GOING TO WIN!)

Keep you posted!!!!!