Carla's Funky Art

Our Paper Mache Contest


For those of you that know Dan and I, know just how competetive we are.  As much as he lies about it, the truth is....I ALWAYS WIN!  I just can't help it, I am better at him at EVERYTHING we do!  (Well besides whining like a baby, and that whole weird paddling thing that he does on his outrigger canoe).

Since things have slowed down a bit around the house, we came up with our own contest.  I have been wanting to make something out of paper mache for years.  Everyone I have talked to has done some type of paper mache, most of them when they were in elementary school.  I must have missed class that day  because I never got a chance to try it.  So the other day, I was looking up recipes on how to make the glue and what to do.  I wanted to make a freaky fish for the living room, and then Dan chimed in that he could make a WAY BETTER FISH THAN ME....and before you know it, the contest was on!  (the kids think we are crazy by the way) We went down to the local hardware store to buy some masking tape, and explained to the sales people what we were up to.  They have decided to be the judges.  So here we go!!!! (I REALLY THINK I AM GOING TO WIN!)

I will keep you posted on our progress, and you too can be the judge on who has the coolest and freakiest fish!

Sunday, we blew up our balloons and worked on the body of the is in the studio drying (it is taking forever to dry, I have no patience).....I can't wait for our next step!

Getting ready to start!

Dan after layering all the paper and paste to his balloon!

Stay tuned!!!!!!