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Nevada or BUST!

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Well guys, we just got home from Carson City, Nevada!  Dan's parent's live there, and boy what a great time we had!   It sure makes me wonder why I live in this grey rainy state, that is FOR SURE!  It was beautiful and sunny everyday!  Besides the great weather, I just couldn't believe how scenic the area was!  I have been to Nevada several times, and do not remember it being so beautiful!  During our stay, we were taken to Virginia City, which was a BLAST!  An old mining town, chalk full of REAL COWBOYS and SALOONS!  We enjoyed a tour around the town, did a little bit of shopping, and pigged out at RED'S OLD FASHIONED CANDIES!  We headed to Lake Tahoe one day as was AMAZING!  The lake was so pretty!  It was fun to see all the skiers and snow boarders hanging out in town and heading up the hill in the gondola.  We had a great time hanging out with family and getting caught back up on life!  The kids had a blast, their poor dog must be exhausted! Highlights of our trip?

* Huge hike to the top of a big hill!  (the kids made it too!)

*  Winning a straight flush at the CASINO!

* My daughter getting car sick on the way to Lake Tahoe!

* Kids had a GREAT time at the Carson City Children's Museum.

I have never eaten so much food in 5 days in my life!!!!! I swear I am never eating again!  Good thing drinks were free at the casinos, because I might have taken a loan out at the local bank!  All in all, we had a wonderful time......and we can't wait to go back again!  I think next time, I might bring my pick axe, a miner's hat, and some dynamite.......I will show all those Nevada miners where the GOLD is AT!  Hmmmm.....maybe I should paint that! :)