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My life in the click of the camera


Well, here is a good one for you.  I just happened to get this "live" action shot the other day while were in the Fred Meyer parking lot.  Welcome to my life.  First of all, I hope you feel sorry for me, because I am starting to feel sorry for myself.  This has to be one of my all time favorite photos due to the fact that is SO REAL!  Orion, as you can see is perfectly content staring at himself in the reflection of the car window and making faces. (Yes, and he was rambling on as well, too bad I didn't have a camcorder.)  Ally is OF COURSE staring at her reflection as well (as she does a hundred times a day) and is fixing her hair.  UGH!

Three things I have learned in 2011 about raising children:

1. Pick and choose your battles folks,  I can live with temporary pink dye in her hair as long as she gets straight A's.

2.  Never throw away a Lego "person" because children will never forget, but it is OK to throw away a lego if you step on it in the middle of the night.

3.  Do NOT tell them something that you are going to do if you have no intention of doing it.