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My Birthday Pug

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Well, my birthday has come and gone and I am another year older.  Ugh!  It is funny how time flies!  Sometimes I wonder how I ended up this old, I mean, I feel like I am still 20!   Two more years and I will be over the hill, so I best be enjoying life to its fullest until then!  We had a great birthday/Cinco De Mayo party here at the house with some friends this weekend!  What a blast!

I made my birthday wish, but it did not come true.  The one thing that I wanted for my birthday was a cute little baby pug!  I knew for sure that I wasn't going to get one, but I didn't expect Dan to get me a huge stuffed one!  Yipppppeeeeee!  In honor of my birthday wish I painted my very own pug.  I thought he turned out pretty ugly and perfect just like the real thing!  I think I might hang the painting above Dan's side of the bed so he can feel guilt every night when he goes to bed! Ha! Ha!

Happy May!