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If I were a biker…..


Well, yesterday we took the fam to the Anacortes Oyster Run....a large biker rally here in town.  What a sight to see!  I have never seen so much leather and bikes in one place!  CRAZY!  I think I was in a state of shock when we first got there.  As we walked up to the main street in town and turned the corner, there were THOUSANDS of BIKES and BIKERS!!!!!!!! HOW COOL!  We meandered up and down the street taking pictures and VERY CAREFULLY checking out bikes. (we made sure we didn't touch one, so we didn't get punched in the face.) We ran into a few bikes that were Patriot Guard those guys and what they do!  I took a few photos of my favorite bikes, pink of coarse.  I was a little disappointed though, out of all the bikes.........I never found a really BRIGHT PINK one, I couldn't believe it!  There were some pretty cool pink bike helmets, flames and tires.  I have now decided that I am going to HAVE to become a biker.  I mean, just think about it, rolling around in leather chaps, a hot pink bandana, revving up my engine on my BRIGHT PINK HARLEY!!!!! I have to do it!!!!!!  Here a few of my favorite pics......

Pink flames.....what? what?

My favorite helmet!!! WOOO-HOOOO!!!!!

Love, love, love!!!!!

Well folks, I am off to practice my motorcycle driving skills.......grabbing my credit card, and heading to the local Harley Davidson store.......that is, right after I buy some hot pink motorcycle paint!