Carla's Funky Art

Hula Hoop Rug


Ally and I finally finished our hula hoop rug!  This ended up being a horrible picture of it, due to the sides being uneven and folding back and you cannot see all of the tassels....but WE DID IT! :)  This little rug was made out of old recycled t--shirts here in the house!  We got the idea from a Family Fun article.  Check it out HERE.  We had a great time cutting, cutting, cutting up the old shirts.  The best part was that some of the shirts we really loved but had they will be in the house forever! :)  The rug itself was easy to make and ended up looking a little "Rastafarian" but we love it none the less.  We put it in our funky kitchen to brighten it up a bit!

Perfect project for the house, since I am always preaching to people about reuse, reduce, recycle!!!!!  Our next goal to save the earth is to actually USE the cloth shopping bags that we bought.  Every time we are at the store we remember that we left them at home!!!!!

Dan's parents sent us some goodies from their cruise in South America.  Ally's little gift came in an AWESOME recycled paper bag.  I did a little research, and they are not that hard to make.  We are making them here at the house to give to people at our booth when we sell things at the farmers market.  Check it out!  Just think.....what if everyone made these?????  NOW that would be a TON OF RECYCLING!!!!!