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How to Have the Perfect Snow Day.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the perfect snow day with your kids?  First, let's wake up in the morning, and are enjoying your perfect cup of coffee....ahhhh.....the house is quiet, and dark, and your eyes are still adjusting.  You are in a state of relaxation from your caffeine are slowly searching the check your email, Facebook, and whatever else you have decide it would be a good idea to check the news, to make sure you are keeping current with the latest events of the world (not that there is any decent news anymore, just another murder, war, pirate attack...etc) and then YOU SEE IT!!!! That bright red link at the top of the page!!! CHECK HERE FOR SCHOOL CLOSURES. click the link.....and you realize that your perfectly planned out day has turned into A SNOW DAY WITH THE KIDS!!!! AGHHHHHHHHHHH! SOMEBODY HELP ME! If you have ever felt like this....please read my list below on how to have the PERFECT Snow Day:

1. First, do not wake up your kids because it is snowing, they might not be as excited as you.  Let them sleep in....and wake up with a smile.

2. Be sure to have your dryer will be running all day with soaking wet clothes.

3. Make sure you have milk in the house, the kids do not like to eat cold cereal with water.

4. If you decide to make a sledding track down your driveway, move the car at the bottom.

5. When making a snowman, do not use raisins for the mouth....birds will come and eat them.

6. Sneakers in the snow last about 5 minutes, you might want to invest in some rubber boots.

7. Always have hot chocolate on hand, or the kids will turn on you and eat you alive.

If you follow these rules, you too can have a perfect snow day!  7 inches already and it is still snowing outside! Wahoo! (oh yeah, the kids better be going to school tomorrow, or I am going to freak out!) What?