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Happy Valentines Day!

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Happy Valentines to all you love birds out there!  I have never been a big fan of this holiday, but none the less, I did a quick sketch for my sketchbook.  I have been playing around with watercolors.  Having a ball doing it,  but I have to say, my watercolor art tends to look like a 3rd grader did it!  Ha! Ha!  I would seriously like to switch mediums for my sketchbook.  Over the years I have used Prismacolor Pencils and ink.  The pages take me a long time to fill in with the pencil.  I also have this bad habit of using the WHOLE page!  I would love to switch to is so portable and seems like it would be a heck of a lot quicker.  The only problem is that I don't know how to paint with them.   Headed to the library tonight to get some technique books, and will keep on practicing.  For now, you will just have to deal with my elementary school art! :)