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Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

Family, PaintingcarlaComment is the day of LOVE!  How did we ever get roped into all of these holidays? Ha! Ha!  Here is my TRUE BLUE LOVE painting that I made for Valentine's Day!  You best be sayin' "Goodbye" to this awesome Friday Harbor lady named Sue (who makes some rockin' jewelry by the way) bought this one.  It will be shipped outta here tomorrow!  So speaking of VALENTINES DAY!  Don't forget to kiss a loved one!  That includes your nasty little kids too!  Here are some love tips for you today:

  • Be sure to brush your teeth, you never know when that "Kiss" is going to happen
  • Please do not buy your sweetie anything that has to do with household chores...for example...a new vacuum, kitchen utensils, or the latest dusting apparatus.
  • Eating a whole box of chocolates will make you sick, and there is nothing like throwing up in front of someone to make a lasting "first impression!"
  • Just because the sweater has a big heart on it, doesn't mean it is a good gift for Valentine's Day.
  • The best gift is always something homemade, even if you aren't creative.
  • Do not "make-out" in public, it is gross.

Our day consists of friends coming over from the island tonight for a "GAME NIGHT."  We plan on eating way to many nachos and gettin' our butts stomped in Cranium!  That is, if we can't figure out a way to cheat before they get here!!!