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Gardening in Jammies


It's here! It's here! Our first day that is above 70 degrees! I cannot believe it, the sun is out....the birds are chirpin' and it is actually warm!  I cannot believe we made it through the last 9 months alive.  I was seriously considering moving out of state!  I love it here, but the weather has been ridiculous!   Soooo.....with the weather finally starting to turn the corner, we have decided to plant a garden on our deck.  If you know me at all, this might seem like a scary concept to you.  I literally kill everything that I try to grow!  With the help of my daughter (thank goodness) we are going to try it again!  Ally got her favorite "good luck" jammies on....and we started to plant. (Jammies and Gardening???? What???? Oh well, whatever works!) So far, we have three strawberry pots, two tomatoes, lettuce and chives. I figure between Ally doing most of the gardening and me being at the Farmers Market on Saturdays to ask questions....we might just have some good luck this year!  Dan really, really, really wants us to plant some jalapenos peppers, so we have to find another pot or two!  I might even get a bit daring and try one of those upside down pots to grow the peppers in!  Who knows what could happen this year, we could start our own grape vineyard and start making wine!  You just never know in this house!  A big shout-out thank you goes out to my friend Vicki who gave me all the wonderful berries!  It has been fun so far with our little deck garden, who knows......we might actually grow something!