Carla's Funky Art

Funny “Sign” People


So today is my birthday! I thought I would try to make everyone laugh just a little bit by sharing what I have been working on.  Here are my FUNNY PEOPLE HOLDING SIGNS!  To me, life is about having fun, laughing and joking around!  You only live once right?  I love these silly little people, they make me SMILE!  Some of the characters that I came up with remind me of friends!  For example, the girl on left it totally my sister, I have never known such a dog lover!  I thinks she likes her dogs more than she likes my kids! Ha! Ha!  Another favorite of mine is the Sailor lady...she is totally my friend Kim who loves to sail, it even kind of looks like her too!  What is it with boaters and wine?I have been very busy painting, and have been gearing up for the Anacortes Farmers Market.  Since this is my first summer at the market, I have no idea what to expect.  I am very excited that the market has moved to its "summer location" by the Art Depot in downtown!  Our official Summer Market starts May 14th and runs every Saturday from 9-2!  Yahooooo!

The weather here in Washington has been miserable!  We had the coldest April in history, and have already started May wet, cold and grey.  I do have to say that it helps as far as the painting goes.  Who wants to paint inside when it is sunny and warm out?  I may have to take my easel out on the deck if we ever see the sun!

Hope you enjoy my funny people!  They are all painted on 6X12 canvas, and are running at $40.00.  They make great gifts!  If you would like a custom piece done of a family member, or a friend, just contact me! :)

Happy Spring!!!!