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Duct Tape Dress!

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My daughter Ally and her friend Pearl made duct tape dresses this weekend! How FUN!  Who knew how many things you can make with duct tape!  The surprising part, was how quickly they finished them!  I think from start to finish it was about 4 hours!  I was so impressed that they did everything on their own.  When the first roll was being opened, I thought "Oh we go, this is going to be a nightmare!"  Here is a great little website for some more duct-tape ideas.  The girls made wallets, purses and a some adorable roses! Overall, they didn't even use up half of the duct tape that was purchased.  You could make a duct tape dress like the one shown below for about twenty dollars!  This is a great little activity on one of those rainy weekends when the kids keep saying.."I am bored, there is nothing to do..." (Hmmm....that seems to be a trend around here lately!)

We had a wonderful Presidents Day Weekend! Hiking miles in the woods.....friends over, and a family game night!  The kids stomped us as usual, but hey...what goes around, comes around!  Went and had my hair done yesterday at the coolest salon EVER!  Shay at the RED SALON did a great job, and she is so SUPER NICE!  If you are ever in Anacortes and need your hair done, she is the person to see!  Well, the kids are back at school, the house looks like it has been through a bomb I am off to clean, clean, clean!  That is, if I can find my way into the kitchen.!  Hope everyone else had a great holiday weekend too!  Happy Tuesday! :)