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Cure for Cabin Fever = Seattle

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Well, after being stuck in the house for days on end, we decided that we ALL had CABIN FEVER!  The kids didn't go to school at all last week due to the BIG snowstorm.  There were a few times last week where I thought about taking my life, ha! ha!  I love them dearly, but there is only so much you can do in the house. Orion at one point used every lego in the house, and I found Ally hiding in her closet making a fort?  We got a bit loopy before the week was through.  Granted, we did have some awesome "snow time" but I was glad to see it all melt away! We thought we would take a jaunt to downtown Seattle, oh how we LOVE that CITY.  We told the kids that we were going on an adventure that consisted of three places but we would not tell them where we were going.  Our first stop consisted of swinging through Freemont to show the kids the Freemont Troll that lies under the Aurora Bridge.  The actual bridge itself was under construction but we still were able to check him out.  The pictures didn't turn out that well due to the nailed boards everywhere, but nobody seemed to mind all that much.  I was a bit surprised at the kids' reaction.  They weren't all that excited about it like I thought they would be.  I do think they were happy to be out of the house though.

Our second surprise was down in the international district.  We took them too Uwajimaya's a huge international grocery store.  Everyone had a BLAST!  There were so many things to see.  Orion picked out some awesome japanese soda, and had a clear glass marble in it......Ally choose all kinds of crazy ramen noodles....and Dan found some dried whole fish in a bag with peanuts.....GROSS!  I of course found some type of weird coffee in a can......with milk?  Hmmmm.....I will let you know how that goes.  Ally spent the most amount of money on a cute little pink Bento Box that she can take to school.  It even came with little chop sticks.  We ended up in the food court (as always) towards the end of our shopping adventure and pigged out on chinese food and cream puffs for dessert. (guess I will start my diet next week!)

Our third and final destination was GAMEWORKS!  Yahooooooo! The kids had a BLAST!  The place was packed because I think everyone else had cabin fever too!  Orion spent most of his money sitting at a tank video game while Ally wandered around overwhelmed and couldn't pick a game to play!  Dan and I had a blast sharing a glass of Manny's (my favorite beer EVER!) and watching the kids.  Bonus of the day????  Al won a Hello Kitty stuffed animal!

After a full 8 hours in downtown Seattle we headed home.  The kids smiled from the back seat while eating their chinese was a great day.  I bet they are going to be wishing for more snow....... :)

The next time you are in Seattle, check him out!  AWESOME!


Knitted trees in downtown = love.

Ooooohhhhh ya! GAMEWORKS!

Oh happy day!  We are outta the house!

Crazy junk food for the ride home!