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What do you call the COOLEST little lake in Anacortes??? It has trails all around and even an old abandoned mine???? You guessed it! CRANBERRY LAKE!  What a great day we had checking out the area....and the weirdest part????? This "super-cool" little lake is about 2 miles from our house!  Who knew????????  Sunday....the sun actually came out for more than 5 you know what that meant?????......draggin' the kids (Dan too!) out of the house, whinin' and cryin' because they were just dreading getting some exercise!!!! "Waaa....waaaa.....waaaa" was what I told them, and literally booted them out the door!  What a treat to have such a sunny day, a great hike out in the fresh air!  We found an old mine, but couldn't go in very far because we forgot the flashlight.  Hmmm?  I wonder if it is really that safe to walk into??  Two loons were on the water (not a bird expert but I think they were loons) and we ran into a lost puppy from Arizona. (I wish we could have taken him home!)  If you have some time, even just an hour or two, I recommend checking out the area, it was BEAUTIFUL!  I bet there are a million Geocaches hiding around too!  We will surely head back soon!  Stay tuned....Dan and I have a silly little exercise race that we have signed up for in 2 weeks, you are going to CRACK UP! :)