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We decided to head over to Fosters Farm in Arlington this weekend, to check out their pumpkin patch and corn maze.  We all had a great time.  Super- fun little farm to visit with the kids, there were: farm animals, a big gift shop, large patch, pumpkin sling shot, and an amazing corn maze.  The weather actually held out for us.  Dan and Orion had never been to a corn maze and real pumpkin patch, so they were STOKED!  We choose Fosters due to their intricate mazes in the past.  We were up for a challenge.  I knew that things were going to be a little sketchy when we bought our maze tickets.  The man in the ticket booth warned us the the corn maze was "very wet....muddy and slippery."  I explained to him that he should not worry, because we were rockstars, and we could do anything!  The picture above was our corn maze stamped hands doing a "pact" together.  We all agreed that we would not give up and cry if we slipped and fell in the mud, and we would proceed to go until we finished the maze even if we broke our leg.  Once we got inside of the corn I realized just how muddy and slick it was!  AGH!!!!  We were TOTALLY wearing the wrong kind of shoes and we had mud up our legs. Dan and I almost wiped out twice.....I don't know what it is about kids, but they seemed to skate through it like it was no problem.  The goal for the maze was to find the trolls inside and get their lette (troll signs posted with a letter attached to the sign).....once you found all 19 letters you could unscramble the words and solve the puzzle.  During the first hour in the maze we went round and round slipping and sliding, and pretty much going in circles.  We only found 7 trolls.  We realized that we might need a change of plans, start at the beginning and follow the map and keep track of where we were......we spent the second hour finding the rest of them but ONE!!!!  We just couldn't find the LAST TROLL!!! AGH!!!!!  Everyone was exhausted and we called it a day.......I have emailed Fosters to see if  they will give us the answer. (I know, it is cheating huh?)  :)  All in all, we had a wonderful day.  Here are some pictures below.  Oh, and one more thing....Ally dyed the front of her hair with purple kool-aid and ruined all of our pumpkin patch pictures, ha! ha!  Good thing it washed all out when we got home, I was sick of smelling "grape kool-aid" all day!!!!!

Happy October!