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Christopher Moore


OH MY!  I just finished reading my first Christopher Moore book called THE LUST OF MELANCHOLY COVE!  It was so outrageously over the top!  I have had such a hard time finishing a book this past year, and I could not put this one down!  I haven't laughed out loud while reading in years!  The book is basically about a little tourist town (which reminded me a lot of Friday Harbor) that pretty much goes crazy!  A mutated lizard arrives, everyone starts sleeping with everyone else, and a crazy lady turns into Zena the warrior princess!  If you are into strange humor, and enjoy reading a bizarre love should check it out!  I think I am up? The Stupidest Angel!  I believe it is based in the same small town.  Well, I am off to read....HAPPY WEDNESDAY! (yep, yep....halfway through the week!)