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Learn to be thrifty not cheap

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So, from the sounds of it....a lot of people these days do not have a lot of money.  The economy is struggling, people cannot find jobs, and nobody is really spending money.  So, why not buckle down and really think about our lives in general.  After years of soul-searching, I have learned that you do not need "stuff" to make you happy.  In fact, Americans today have way to much STUFF! The typical family (in my opinion) has several cars, a huge house full of furniture, decorations everywhere, and closets full of random things!  When you drive down the road, you will see business after business of storage units that people rent. Do you really need all of that stuff?????  What could you possible put in a storage shed that is worth a payment every month?  Do you need those designer jeans?  Another candle for your mantle?  That perfect matching comforter for the perfect bedroom furniture?  Does all of this "Stuff" really make you happy?" Happiness comes in all forms, but I think I would rather experience life with wonderful memories, doing things and enjoying loved ones.  I have learned to "pass" when at the store....I I really need that lamp or do I just want it?  If I buy that new 75.00 lamp, will it really make me happy?...... or would I rather spend it hiking with the kids in the mountains, or how about saving it.....

You CAN live better with LESS and BE HAPPY!

Here are some examples:

*instead of heading out to dinner, why not make pizza as a family...and do a game night.....spend way less and have more fun!

*boxed wine? What? Oh yes, boxed wines have come along way the past few years. Try one!  Can you really tell the difference between a 50.00 bottle and a 15.00 bottle? (if you say yes....I will know you are lying! ha!)  You can buy 4 bottles of decent wine in a box for 15.00....whaty? what?

*make a present for someone you love with recycled or used things. (the painting above is on a used vinyl record)  They are sure to love it, and it is better than some cheesy thing you picked up at the local store.

*go to Goodwill or a local thrift store....I just bought a pair of Ambercombie and Fitch jeans for $3.00.....they make my butt look great......and who is going to know?  You can wear designer clothes, still look really hot....for a 1/3 of the price!

I could go on and on!  I will spare you!  With the condition of the Earth (whether you believe in Global Warming or not) is in bad shape....the economy is a mess, and everyone sure has a lot of "stuff."  We all might want to do a little self-reflection....and learn how to be thrifty.  Reduce, Reuse, is a win-win for everyone.

P.S. My paintings do not count when it comes to "stuff" go ahead, buy one. :)