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Anacortes Arts Festival!


WOW guys!  We had a SPECTACULAR time yesterday at the Anacortes Arts Festival!  What a beautiful weekend for the venue!  Seventy degree weather, and no rain!  Yipppee!  This was my first year going to the festival, and I was amazed at how many vendors turned out for the show!  Speaking of vendors, there were AMAZING ARTISTS that attended.  I honestly could have spent the whole weekend there going through all of the booths and spending thousands of dollars!  We got there early yesterday, and it was a good thing too!  The place was packed with thousands of people before noon!  It would take us forever to get down one block of the festival!  Everything you could imagine was there.....fine arts, amazing photography, funky cool hats, wonderful pottery and SUPER COOL jewelry! I really wish I could have spent more time there, it was a bit overwhelming!  The live music was over the top and stages were set up around the town.  To top it off, we got to see an amazing funny magician!  Whoops, I almost forgot to mention the FOOD!!!!!  We had incredible surf and turf's on a stick, killer garlic fries that turned our breath into dragons, and finished it off with chocolate covered bananas and strawberries on a stick! (Do you notice that every time you are at a fair or festival, everything is on a stick???? Hee! Hee!)  The kids had a great time too!  They bailed on us early and ran around the festival checking out the music, going for train rides, and getting self-portraits done!  One thing to note: DO NOT WEAR FLIP-FLOPS TO THE FESTIVAL......I wore mine, and after about 6 hours of walking around, my feet were killing me! Ha! Ha!  Well, here are a few pictures of our day!  Hope you had a great weekend too!Here is Dan at the chain saw carving booth....every festival has to have chain saw art!

Here is Ally and her friends! (Who wears knitted animal hats on hot day??)


Rolling the print....

Getting ready to lift it up........