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Ally’s Birthday = 14 Years of Large Butt.


Hip-hip-hooray, today is my daughter's BIRTHDAY!  I know the image above is a blurred out awful mess, but I only have a few of these old polaroids from when she was born.  14 years ago, I had a little 2 pound 1 oz. girl!  My how time flies!  She was considered a little miracle baby over at Tacoma General/Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.  Being born so tiny, then losing weight, she dropped down to 1 pound 6 oz for awhile, and spent 4 months in the hospital.  I heard stories of how she may have severe brain damage, to expect learning disablities, and she could be sick all the time.  Don't get me wrong the first few years were hard, in and out of the hospital.....and constant breathing issues.  Well it is 14 years later, and you would never know she was such a tiny baby!  Little miss "Straight A" seems to be the healthiest one in the house, and tries to rule the roost by bossing us around like a typical teenager!  So thankful for modern medicine all all those wonderful, talented, and caring people at Tacoma General Hospital.


It has been really hard for me the past 14 years.  Not only was my daughter sick all the time, but I noticed a large abscessed tumor (another word that I like to call my butt)....starting to grow on my backside.  The worst part is, I can't even technically blame my daughter for my large butt because she only weighed 2 pounds when she was born. UGH!  For the last 14 years I have been battling my large butt syndrome.  It pretty much goes like this.....gain 5 pounds of butt fat.....start cutting calories, running, walking etc. Lose the weight, then gain it right back again. Awesome. Instead of constantly buying new clothes, I have two sets of them. Big butt pants, and little butt pants, and I go back and forth, back and forth. On that note:

I made a self portrait this week of me on the beach.  What do you think?

I am doing a "Caption Contest" on my Facebook page for the funniest original title.  The winner gets a free matted Puking Santa print. Swing by and cast your vote!  Judging is at 7 p.m. Friday Dan Seaton.  It is going to be a hard one to pick....people have come up with some AWESOME titles already!!!!

Happy Wednesday!

P.s. After this, I promise I will not talk or complain about large butt.  :)