Carla's Funky Art

A visit from the RENTS


WOW!!!  What a crazy busy summer!  I have to say it, this has been the BEST SUMMER EVER!  I guess I am making up for last summer, because this one has been over the top.  I was telling Dan the other day that I just can't believe how great this summer has been.  Granted, we have had a PACKED schedule....going, going, going, but it sure has been a blast!

We started off with an amazing adventure to Belize, followed by hanging out with amazing friends and running the 200 mile Ragnar Race.....then to top off it off we had a visit from Dan's parents!  We filled every weekend with fun activities, selling art at the market, and enjoying every tiny ray of sun.  I hate to say that my art has been on the back burner the past few months, but I am inspired with some great new ideas, and ready to get back at it!

We had a great visit with D's parents last week.  The kids were spoiled, with lots of shopping and gifts.  We had a wonderful time listening to each other's stories, and getting caught back up on life.  It is hard when they live so far away.  The boys headed out on a fishing charter with Jolly Mon Charters, and they caught 3 big salmon!  Yahoooo!  What a feast we had!  Orion was able to catch his first salmon, boy was he excited!  The highlight for the kids was little "Cujo" their Japanese Chin, the cutest, ugliest dog ever!  The week flew by in flash, and before we knew up, they were headed back to Carson City.  I secretly longed to go with them and see that beautiful sun they get everyday.

We have one last weekend of summer.......and next week the kids go back to school.  I am looking forward to getting back into a routine again, but NOT having to pack all those school lunches!  My goal for next week is to get back on track with my art. I am in the process of signing up for a few holiday shows.  Currently I am working on some homebrew art to sell at Northwest Brewing Supply.  Can't wait to share some pictures with you!  As much as I hate to admit it, I think I am ready for blustery fall.  Let the leaves fall, bundle up in a sweater, grab a cup of warm coffee, and hide in my studio.  The summer has been crazy, wonderful, and packed with let the hibernating begin! :)

My plan was to add photos to this, but due to complications with my camera (it was on a huge size setting for my art photos, I am struggling on how to upload them onto the website.  Guess I will calling my computer friends today) Stay tuned!