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12 Reasons to love Thrift Store Shopping


Al and I headed to Goodwill this weekend.  We just love thrift store shopping.  My favorite part is all the secret little treasures you can find.  I also love the fact that I feel like we can buy anything and not have to stress and worry about the price.  I totaled up our finds, and here is what we got.  I thought it was pretty impressive:

1. Large brand-new hoodie for Dan $5.99

2. Burton Snowboard hoodie for me $4.99

3. Volcom sweatshirt for Ally $4.99

5. Volcom Giraffe hoodie with fur $4.99

5. Studded belt for Ally $3.99

6. Brand new Calvin Klein Jeans with tags on for me $7.99

7. Northwest Snowboarders hoodie for Orion $2.99

8. Burton Hoodie for Ally $4.99

9. Yes another hoody for Ally $4.99

10. Brand new snowboarding jacket for Orion $7.99

11. Skinny jeans for Al $4.99

12.  TWELVE MEN'S T-SHIRTS $11.88 (these we purchased so Ally could make a rag rug, it is posted above.)

GRAND TOTAL: $76.04 after tax

minus the money that Ally owes me for the rug and two of the hoodies, my total was


YAHOO, we all got some AWESOME clothes, name brands and it didn't cost us a FORTUNE!!!!!  Ally was able to make a cute rug, and purchased an outfit with her own money!