Carla's Funky Art

Motorcycle Mama!


Here is a quick little painting that I made for my friend Holly!   This is the cutest little story ever.  I received a text from Holly's daughter Kendra a few days before we moved.  Kendra is a freshman in high school.  She wanted to know if I would paint a picture for her mom for a Christmas present!  What a thoughtful thing, coming from a teenager daughter!!! :)  My favorite thing about this painting is that the front tire looks flat, but the chick is still rockin' it!   Holly loves motorcycles, and is A SUPER COOL CHICK!  I thought she would look extra hot in polka-dot pants, and a bright pink helmet!  One of the things on my "bucket list" is to own a motorcycle and wear black leather pants!  Who doesn't feel cool in leather pants, leather jacket (which has to be hot pink) and a bike helmet?!?!?!  I have visions of riding around the state, checkin' out the local dive taverns, and maybe gettin' in a cool fight or two!