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Painting Class and more......

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pslOk, I know. I know. I know.  I promised to start blogging more, and once again have not followed through.  Here is my list of excuses this time: the kids went back to school, I have been working more at my "real" job, the sun has been out, my fingers are tired from all my painting, AND last but not least.....(drumroll...) the PSL is now out at Starbucks and I can't stop buying them!!!!!

The weather has been absolutely incredible, and I am having a hard time focusing on art around here lately.  I just finished up two commissioned pieces last week.  (Stay tuned for another post on those)  I decided that since I wasn't really getting much done because of the weather, I would drag my painting outside and actually enjoy it!


What fun!  Here fishy, fishy!  This painting is obviously a work in progress. If all goes well, I am hanging this one up in my dining room.  I will keep you posted.

I also wanted to let everyone know that I am teaching a class in Poulsbo next month to a wonderful group of ladies. The class is 10-4 on Saturday October 11th.   If you are interested in signing up for this class, please email me at  We will all be learning how to paint on black canvas batik style. Everyone will be leaving class with two acrylic paintings..... "Beach Ladies" where you will learn about painting on black canvas....and "Two Crows" will teach you about acrylic blending.  Lots of great tips, and supplies are all included!

psl6I noticed that there is a half marathon the day after this class and I am seriously thinking about sticking around until the next day...anyone up for a run?

Stay tuned for a peek at some recent commissions!

Happy Friday!

A Struggling Buddha

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Started this Buddha painting a few weeks ago and cannot quite pull it together. Ok, that is an understatement....this painting has me reeling.  I have been adding layer after layer and feel like it is going nowhere.  The face just seems to be hanging there, I have tried adding a body, a open lotus flower, a closed lotus flower and so on.  I hate when this happens.  Nothing seems to be flowing right.  I have picked up this painting here and there...add a little, take a little away.  It is funny how easily I will begin to think negative thoughts of myself as an artist.  I begin to tell myself that I not very good, who do I think I am, of course I can't finish this painting...I am not a "real artist."  Once those thoughts start rushing in, it all starts going downhill.

Do you ever feel like you aren't worthy?  The ironic thing about my negativity is the fact that I am painting a Buddha.  A lover of peace and happiness; I am feeding my painting negative thoughts..........hmmmmmmmmm.

I guess I am not sure what to do with it.  Sometimes I just want to write a bad word on it and toss it in the corner.  I don't want to give up but I am starting to think that maybe this painting doesn't want to be a Buddha, maybe it wants to be something else.....

buddhabuddhaArtist block on this one for sure...I am up for any suggestions.  Your thoughts on this?  What do you do when you get stuck?

Good Riddance thirties.........Heeellllllooooo 40.


Well, Well, Well, here we are at the top of hill.  Tomorrow is the BIG DAY.  Hmmmmm.....I will admit that I had  been down in the dumps about the whole "Over the Hill" approaching. Many whiny texts to friends (mainly Andy) about how fat, old, grey-haired, and wrinkly I have become.  It has been a long road to forty, but boy, once I started really thinking about it I have had quite a horrible 39!  So ready to get out of this year and celebrate not only a new birthday but a new decade!

Let's just take this last year in review and see just what 39 has brought:

  1. An injured leg that has taken 9 months to heal...(and still is healing....maybe because I am so old?)
  2. I was not able to complete a full marathon that I dream of finishing!
  3. I counted over 40 grey hairs and decided it was time to quit counting...ugh.
  4. Had a muscle spasm in my neck last month - which then pinched a nerve in my neck....good times.
  5. My dad was super sick and in the hospital...
  6. I bought plane tickets to see family in the Midwest that cost almost double what I thought they would be... only to find out that my brother will be flying out to Seattle the same week.  Really?  Maybe we should have met in the middle....South Dakota?
  7. I have gained 10 pounds and still can't run regularly. Ever heard that song "Baby's Got Back" by Sir Mix A lot?.......

Sooooo..............on that note.....I am READY for 40!!!  Bring it on!  There is no way that my forties will be as bad as my thirties!  I am excited for this new decade, this new adventure, and a new birthday year!  Instead of being depressed, I have turned it around...took a deep breath, closed my eyes and am now embracing 40.  I still have  a lot on my bucket list to get working on and I need to start checking things off!  Cheers to the next  ten years of love, happiness, health (cross your fingers for that tendon of mine), art, and family!



Happy May!

Happy Late Easter....

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Well, late as usual to wish you all a Happy Easter.  Time just seems to get a way from me.  Seriously can't believe we are midway (or more) through April.  Not even really sure what happened in March. The weather seems to come and go.  Sometimes I believe we are in Spring, and before you know it, heavy cold rain is falling down reminding me of Winter. So ready for some warmer temperatures around here.  Right around this time of year I tend to get ants in my pants and want to start wearing my shorts and flip flops.   The tulips are blooming in Skagit Valley so we must definitely be in SPRING!

I have been swamped getting ready for the summer art festivals and market this year.  Truly nervous to throw all of this new art out to you.  I have been trying to overcome my fears, take a deep breath and go with it.  Every year at this time I am overwhelmed with doubt.  I have doubts that my paintings won't sell,  fears that people won't like it and second guess even trying to make it as a part time artist.  Believing in myself is one thing that I can honestly say I can't seem to wrap my head around.   I wish inside I was a more courageous stronger person. I feel that if I just believed in my art there may be a whole world of opportunities and possibilities, but it such a scary step to take.  I hope I am not the only one that feels like this. I don't think I am, I have a feeling there are many artists out there kind of floundering like me wondering where there lot in life is.  My word for the year was PRODUCTIVE.  So far so good.  I made a promise to myself to stay focused, don't be quite as scared ( I will always be a little scared I think), take a deep breath and throw it all out there.  I am moving into more emotional pieces, painting for me.....lots of layers, lots of love and hours of work.  Bright funny paintings will always be incorporated into my work, so old fans do not worry!

Next month I will be venturing into new territory as well.  I am teaching several mixed media courses.  I have taught art classes to children in the past, but these mixed media classes will be new.  The first one is May 10th at the MONA art museum in La Conner.  Both classes filled up quickly with over 40 people on the waiting list!  AGH!  I have a feeling this will be a challenging workshop  for me because I will have from ages 5 to adult all working in the same class!  On May 31st I will also be holding a class here in my studio.  This class is so exciting for me as an artist. A small group of ladies and I will spend the day painting together. I can't wait to show them my painting process... We will cover all kinds of background painting, how to paint with papers, and creating whimsy into our paintings.  Dan is going to be our personal servant and delivering our catered lunch, chocolate covered strawberries, and whatever we desire! I am currently making them little cute!

This week I will have finished up my summer calendar.  I will post it on the website so you know where to find me.  Stay tuned!  Here are a few picture of some recent work and Dan and I tiptoeing through the tulips. (dang we are adorable!)




Helllloooooo Mixed Media Class....

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Sooooo excited for my mixed media class next month!!!!!

I only have two spots left!!!!!  If you would like more information on this class, I  have added a "classes" tab at the top of my website.

Dan is going to be our personal servant....he is providing our catered lunch, and is going to wait on us hand and foot.  Yahooooo!  Seriously though, this is going to be a wonderful small class in my studio and I can share some secrets about layering and mixed media.  If you are interested, please email me at