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Festival Season Madness!

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You guys!  Dan and I survived Coupeville Arts and Crafts Fest last weekend!  Sooooo amazingly FUN!  We had an over-the-top show, I can't believe it!  It was such a fun venue and the first time we have ever attended.  We met a ton of awesome vendors and some wonderful guests in my booth.  We had quite a sell out and I have been working my bootie off all this week to get ready for two more major festivals.  Who's idea was it to do three in a row? Ha! Ha!  I can't believe Dan hasn't killed me yet.  Here are a couple of snaps from last weeks show.


Can you tell we get a little loopy in the tent? :)

ab3Hope Dolls for Days.......getting them all stocked up for the Anacortes Arts Festival.  I am so excited for this weekend. I can't even stand it!

ab2Hope some of you can make it out to the show!

If you can't make it to Anacortes maybe next week you can find us at LAKE CHELAN ART FESTIVAL.  Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers sent.....the fire over there doesn't look good.  Thinking of all the families that live there.  Stay tuned.



Painting Class and more......

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pslOk, I know. I know. I know.  I promised to start blogging more, and once again have not followed through.  Here is my list of excuses this time: the kids went back to school, I have been working more at my "real" job, the sun has been out, my fingers are tired from all my painting, AND last but not least.....(drumroll...) the PSL is now out at Starbucks and I can't stop buying them!!!!!

The weather has been absolutely incredible, and I am having a hard time focusing on art around here lately.  I just finished up two commissioned pieces last week.  (Stay tuned for another post on those)  I decided that since I wasn't really getting much done because of the weather, I would drag my painting outside and actually enjoy it!


What fun!  Here fishy, fishy!  This painting is obviously a work in progress. If all goes well, I am hanging this one up in my dining room.  I will keep you posted.

I also wanted to let everyone know that I am teaching a class in Poulsbo next month to a wonderful group of ladies. The class is 10-4 on Saturday October 11th.   If you are interested in signing up for this class, please email me at  We will all be learning how to paint on black canvas batik style. Everyone will be leaving class with two acrylic paintings..... "Beach Ladies" where you will learn about painting on black canvas....and "Two Crows" will teach you about acrylic blending.  Lots of great tips, and supplies are all included!

psl6I noticed that there is a half marathon the day after this class and I am seriously thinking about sticking around until the next day...anyone up for a run?

Stay tuned for a peek at some recent commissions!

Happy Friday!

End of Summer, what?

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I cannot believe it is the end of summer and here we are at LABOR DAY!  We have had the most beautiful season EVER!!!!  I cannot remember when we have had a summer that was this sunny and warm!  Forgive me for the lack of blog posts.  I have been trying to cram in every ray of sunshine into my body that I can!  The last few weeks have been full of road trips, running and trying to enjoy the little bit of summer that we have left.

Last weekend Dan and I headed to the Gorge Ampitheater in George, WA.  I fell in love with Eastern Washington all over again.  I forgot how beautiful it was.  The desert, the sun, the heat....ahhhhhh.  We went to see Jack Johnson and he put on a fabulous show! We even got a surprise performance by Eddie Vedder, so fun! It was Dan's first time to the amphitheater and he loved it!  Can't wait to find a show to see there next year.


I have been trying to get back into running.  It has been a slow progress and I am sad to say that my tendon is still giving me problems.  I am starting to wonder if I will have a chronic injury in that stupid leg of mine.  I have been running through the pain, trying to take it easy on the treadmill and do what I can.  My longest run lately has only been about 5 miles.  I am trying not to get discouraged and try to be grateful that I can run at all.


I have been working on two commissioned pieces that I will share with you next week. Check out this Crazy Ass Bird Lady for now.  She is who I want to be when I grow up.  You know.  The homeless lady sitting on the bench in Central Park.  Yep, that's right....that is gonna be me. Just be sure to flick a coin my way so I can buy some more bird food.


It has been raining this weekend, I am not quite sure I am ready for fall.   Check out my awesome new lounge pants that I bought from Other Bird, she makes the most awesome upcycled clothes!!!!  I call them my "curtains" and I LOVE them.  If you swing by the house, you are almost surely going to find me in these!!!


Thank you Anacortes!

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Holy smokes it has been quite a week!  I just wanted to do a quick thank you shout out to Anacortes!  What a great festival it was last weekend.  I was so excited to be a part of Ink Alley, the first Indie Craft Area!  Dan and I had a great time, learned the ropes of attending and being a part of such a big festival.  We have a lot to learn when it comes to competing with the big wigs!  I loved everything about Ink Alley.  All of the indie crafters were so talented!  I couldn't decide what I liked the most....the yeti heads or the stuffed wiener dogs, so fun!  Here are a few pics below of the event.  All and all it was a huge success and THANK YOU to all who came out and attended!!!  I sure hope I get in next year!




Thank You Friday Harbor!

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WHAT A FABULOUS WEEKEND!!!!  Thank you Friday Harbor for your continued support of my art!  I really can't thank you enough!  We had such a wonderful time visiting for the weekend.  I forgot just how beautiful the people and the island are.  There are so many people to thank for our successful weekend.  First of all I would like to do a special SHOUT OUT to Becky Nash for letting us camp on her property, without you we would have never been able to pull it off.  I would also like to thank the San Juan Chamber of Commerce for inviting us to come and spend the weekend at the festival.  Thank you to the San Juan County Sheriffs office (for their amazing employee....otherwise known as Dan, hee, hee....), all the amazing vendors, Island Rec for their super crazy awesome BUBBLE BLOWER!  Everyone working together made a successful art festival.  We even survived the rain storm on Friday night and Saturday Morning!  YAY for weighed tents!

Dan and I were able to go and check out our old stomping grounds in the evenings.  We went by our old house, visited the west side (thank you MOTHER NATURE for sharing your double rainbow!)  ate at MiCasita's and Road Riggers, our two favorite restaurants!  Two thumbs up for Chicken Gorgonzola Salad!

I miss you so much San Juan Island, until next time!!!










Thanks again!

A Summer Update

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Wowza!  It has been weeks without blogging!  I have taken a couple of weeks off to spend time with family and friends and now trying to get back on track.  Now, where do I start? Hmmmm....lets see. Dan, Ally and I flew back to Ohio for the 4th of July. Who knew it would be so humid?  Ha! Ha! 85 degrees, and 80% humidity....ummm what?  We had a great time visiting family, riding rollercoasters at Cedar Point, and checking out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.  When I get more time, I will post some great pictures of the adventures that we had!  Unfortunately, the day I came home, I got a summer flu!!!  Who gets a fever in the Summer?  I do!  Super sick for 5 days! Whaaaaa!


Last weekend was filled with friends and fun as we camped at Silver Lake in Maple Falls.  What a weekend to go camping!  High 80's and sunny!  The kids spend almost every waking hour in the lake.  Here is an art journaling page I made last night of all of us.  There was a GIGANTIC SWAN FLOATY  that showed up at the lake.  It wasn't mine, but I sure wished it was, so I thought I would draw myself on it and play make-believe!  After camping with friends, we drove to Artist Point on Mount Baker.  Can you believe it was filled with snow?  Such a weird sensation to walk around in flip flops in the snow on an 89 degree day!  So weird!


This week I am gearing up for the Friday Harbor Summer Arts Fair on San Juan Island.  It runs Saturday and Sunday 10-5 at the courthouse lawn.  Hope to see you there! Just look for my Carla's Funky Art Booth, Dan and I will be the ones eating Chicken Gorgonzola Salad from Road Riggers.  I HAVE MISSED IT SO MUCH!


Also, if you haven't gotten a chance yet, I have art for sale and hanging in our Anacortes Starbucks, swing by and check it out! (sorry about the blurry picture of Ally, I drank WAY TO MUCH COFFEE before taking the photo! :)


Goooooo MARINERS!!!

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Yay! Had a blast last weekend watching the Father's Day Mariners Game!  It has been years since I have been to Safeco Field.  The best part was that we were able to meet with my Ohio cousins!  They were visiting Seattle for a few days and got together to watch the game!  Gooooooo Mariners!  Great game and we even WON!!!!


We had some nose bleed seats but still had a great view!

I did find time to do a little art journaling at the end of the weekend.

mariners4 mariners5

Oh, and did I mention THAT I MADE MY LAST LUNCH FOR THE KIDS TODAY!!!!!!  I am so sick of packing them lunches I could puke!  Here is the bagel I carved this morning.  So over it!

mariners6I forgot to mention that Dan's birthday was yesterday!  Happy Birthday Danny!

Go Mariners!


Vampire Road Trip!

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Two thumbs up for Spring Break and Road Trips!!!!  Been quite a while since I have taken a few days off!  We took my daughter and her friend Breanna out to the Olympic Peninsula for a VAMPIRE ROAD TRIP!  What is a Vampire road trip you ask???  Well, long story short, Stephanie Meyer wrote a series of vampire love stories back in 2005 and she based the TWILIGHT series right out of Forks Washington.  (Did you know that Forks gets the most rain in the continental US??? ) My daughter and I read the books years ago and we thought it would be fun to take a little road trip and check out the TWILIGHT sites!

We started out crossing the ferry on Whidbey Island to Port Townsend, walked around town for a bit, then headed to FAT SMITTY's!!!!  Pretty much the best burger place in Washington.  My favorite part about this restaurant is the DOLLAR WALL.  Pretty much everyone who visits decorates a dollar and pins it to the wall.  At the end of the year, they take all the dollars and donate it to local charities, thousands and thousands of dollars!  So cool!

Sorry about the stupid blurry picture but you don't really want to know what I have been through trying to get this blog post up.  I seriously have spent over 5 hours trying to get this post up.  I hate my new computer, I hate windows 8, I have BIG, BIG, BIG REGRETS that I didn't just buy another Mac. Ugh.

Ok, moving on......we then went to Sequim and checked out Olympic Game Farm, so fun!!!!  I haven't been there in ages!  Dan and the girls had a blast feeding all the animals.  If you ever get a chance, you should go and check it out.  It was a little bit pricer than I rememeber.  For the 4 of us plus two loaves of bread it was $50.00.

After the game farm we headed West to Forks!!!!  We rented a "TWILIGHT" Room at the Pacific Inn Motel.

The next day we ventured around the rainy town to check out all the cheesy sites, so FUN!

We OF COURSE had to HAVE MATCHING SHIRTS (even Dan had to wear one)....They read "Rain, Rain Go Away I want Edward to sparkle today".....freakin' hilarious.  Guess you are going to have to read the book to know the reference! :)

I have a million more wonderful photos to share with you but I am having big problems with this blog post. I am now on my 6th hour and am finally giving up.  Hopefully I can solve this issue soon and start blogging again!!! Off to get some technical support!!!


End of another year. Goodbye 2013, and THANKS!

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Well here we are again.  The end of yet another year.  I really have mixed emotions about 2013.  I have had some super highs and all times lows. The first thing I want to say is THANKS!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Thank you for supporting and being interested in my EVER CHANGING art.  Without you I wouldn't be here!

My art has changed quite a bit this last year (to say the least)...and I owe it all to the awful Arts and Carafe lady who stole my painting then proceeded to teach a class on how to paint my painting.  I was so frustrated and upset that I decided to paint something so layered that nobody could copy it even if they wanted too.  This lead to some wonderful inspiration and the world of mixed media.  I have been having such a wonderful time playing around with paper, tissue, glue, paint, name it!  So fun! So I went from painting like this:

to this:

I truly love both styles.  Needless to say, I think I will always paint with over-the-top color!

Another highlight of the year was our family trip to Maui!  I never thought we would be able to take a big vacation like that with our kids, but in 2013 we pulled it off!  What a blast they had!

Yeah for boogie boarding!!!

On a bad note.....I injured my leg training for a full marathon back in July and haven't been able to run since:

I was devastated to say the least and the worst part? I have gained 12 pounds! Whaaaa! I tore my tendon and am not sure when I will be able to run again.  When I really get down in the dumps about it I try to remember how much I did accomplish before I got hurt.  I ran 18 miles without stopping. Did I mention that was WITHOUT STOPPING?  That may not seem like a big deal to you, but it sure was a big deal to me.  I never in my life thought I would be able to do something like that!  I still have a dream of doing a full marathon, and I hope someday I can accomplish it!  In the mean time Dan bought me a fitbit.  I have been walking every morning!   I just love it!  10,000 steps a day!  Woohoo!

I actually took some time this year to do a painting for myself:

This has been quite a crazy year for me emotionally.  I learned how to be brave with my art, follow my intuition and believe in myself. I pushed boundaries, dared to try new materials and really tried hard not to be embarrassed of my paintings.  (this is an ongoing issue I have with myself)  It is scary throwing yourself out there to the public.

Not to sure what next year will bring.  I am embracing 2014 and hope everyone has a wonderful New Year.


Tacoma Narrows Bridge


I finally can take "Walking the Tacoma Narrows Bridge"  off of my BUCKET LIST!  Yahooo!  So silly to some, but I have wanted to do it since I was a little girl.  I must have driven across that bridge a million times.  Growing up on the Kitsap Peninsula, it was the gateway bridge to civilization, ha! ha!  Dan and I had a free day on Saturday without much going on, so we decided to take the walk.  The weather was overcast, but no wind......hooray!  We parked at "War Park" in Tacoma, took a little path, went over a major crosswalk  (we didn't get shot at or run over....phew!) and off we went.  I was surprised at just how long it took us.  The bridge is deceptively deceiving when you drive across.  I have quite a fear of heights now that I am older and turned into a big fat baby. So I made a mental note not to walk close to the edge and look over when we got out to the middle.

We hiked across the "New Bridge" that was just built in 2007.  It had a pleasantly large bike and pedestrian path.  Lots of people were taking walks and exercising. Nice to see folks outside on such an overcast day.  When we made it across we walked a little further before heading back and Dan risked his life finding A TREASURE!!!  It was a cute little toy bus!!!  He jumped over the median and rescued it! YEAH!  (Ok, maybe that wasn't such a grand idea, but it was fun.....)  The best part about this little adventure was that it was FREE!!!!  Me being my frugal self....yet AGAIN!  Two thumbs up for free activities!

Next up on the BUCKET LIST?  Visit the Red Hook Brewery and take a trip to Vashon Island.  I love this state! (Ok, not really....the weather is killing me!)

As soon as we got back to the car it started raining.....Phew!  We had made it!

Happy Tuesday!

Hey, why don’t you TAKE A HIKE!!! Ok, not really. :)

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Well, here we go again.  That time of year when I yearn to get outside.  I have such a hard time getting through yet another Washington winter.  You would think after all these years that I would be numb to all this rain, damp and cold, but the truth is really hard.  It takes a toll on me, and I love to get outside any chance I get.

Had a great weekend here at the house.  Got two commissioned pieces done that I will share with you tomorrow.  Orion had his friend Logan over for a "stay the night"....what a blast they had. XBOX PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG!!!  I have never seen two boys eat so much in my life.  When I say eat, I mean EAT!!!!  I pride myself on eating organic healthy food here at the house, and I am ashamed at what I let them consume. Here is small fraction of what went down here at the house in the last 24 hours: Little Caesars Pizza washed down with Pepsi, followed by.....Klondike Bars for dessert!!!! The next day they ate stacks and stacks of pancakes smeared with butter, syrup, and BACON!!! (every thing is better with bacon!!!) Lunch was served out of the box by an arch nemesis named KRAFT......yep, you guessed it.....MAC AND CHEESE!!!!! GROSS!!!  After all this processed guilt I figured I better get the boys outside and exercising!  We headed for the lake and got our hiking on!   We tried to ignored the rain and trudged on......

The boys at the start of the hike........

Logan and I made it to the top of the huge rock!  Hey, how do you like that AWESOME Sock Monkey hat???? Cool, I know!!!!! :)

Proof that Dan and I actually did take the kids hiking and didn't just dump them off in the forest for an hour!!!!

Almost to the end of the lake!

Instead of "Boyz in da Hood"......I will call them "Boyz on da Rock!" " :)

After we got done with our 3 mile hike Dan and I treated them to yet another junk food.  What can I say, I am such a sucker!!!!  We headed to TOPPINGS, the new frozen yogurt place here in Anacortes!!!!  All in all, it was a FANTASTIC day!  We got outside, had a blast, and burned some calories!!!

Speaking of calories.....Dan and I have almost lost 10 pounds EACH since the holidays!!!! Oh yeah baby!!!!!  Take a good look now because we might shrink away!

Happy Sunday!

The Lights of Christmas – Warm Beach

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YEAH!  Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!  What a great weekend we had! After a night of Christmas lights and then having Christmas "throw-up" in our house.....we are all totally in the Christmas mood! (Well, all of us besides just can't take the Grinch out of him!)  We started off by heading to Warm Beach to see "The Lights of Christmas!".   It was about a 50 minute drive south from here in Stanwood.  This was our first time checking out what they had to offer.  We usually head to Zoolights in Tacoma at the Point Defiance Zoo.  The first thing I should have realized is that we probably shouldn't have gone on the busiest day of the week.  Saturday night was PACKED with people.  Big crowds and LONG lines.  All in all, we decided to quit whining and enjoy our lighted adventure. We started off by grabbing some warm, right out of the oven DOUGHNUTS!!!! Delish!    We wandered through a million lights.  Like I said, the lines we super long.....we waited forever to be able to chat with "Bruce the Spruce" the talking tree.  It was so hilarious!  Orion was totally freaked out and tried to split several times.  :)  Ally was so "over it".....I think the kids thought we were crazy.  Several tents had holiday ornament making, so the kids made a few....we gathered around the campfire and listened to carols.  The highlight of the night for Ally and I was checking out the petting zoo.  Lots of sheeps and little tiny goats!  We skipped the "Polar Bear Express Train" due to the long lines, and topped off the night listening to the Seattle Girl's Choir.  Warm Beach had a great lighted festival, but not to sure I would go back again next year. Me being my frugal self thought the prices were ridiculous.  Tickets were expensive, you had to buy all the activities.  We could have gone to the zoo for half the price and wouldn't have had to deal with the large crowds. Sunday we got our "Christmas On" here at the house. We blasted Christmas music......baked our favorite cookies....the Hershey Kiss kind. (You know the ones....the kiss smashed on top of the peanut butter cookie!)....and wrapped presents!  Dan pouted on the couch and TRIED to play computer poker on Facebook.....but he eventually gave in! I even heard him hum a Christmas tune!  YAHOOO! I gave several hints about how great the holiday would be if we only had a pug!  Maybe I will even get my pug puppy this year!

Ally and the snowman! Notice anything different about Al??? She is a BRACE FACE!

WOW, now this a picture. Why do the kids look like they want to crawl in a hole and die? :)

Ooooo.....Ahhhhh.....reminds me of the 4th of July!

The boys!

"Bruce the Spruce" the talking tree...(and Orion freaking out! Ha! Ha!)

Save your Drama for your Llama!

Happy Holidays!!!! :)

Pumpkins and Latte’s……

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Had an awesome family day today out at Schuh Farms in Mount Vernon!  I decided to take a break from painting, get outside and take the kids to the pumpkin patch.  I have to admit I was a bit surprised that they even wanted to venture out.  Every year I think it is going to be our last.......these early preteen and teenagers tend to not want to hang with the folks as much as they use too!  When we asked them this morning about going, they jumped up, got ready, and were out the door!!!!  YEAH!!!!  They still want to hang with us old folks!  Maybe we are cooler than we think! (yeah right) The weather here has been a bit ominous.  We have had everything from water funnel clouds, hail the size of small golf balls, rain, wind, and even some sun accompanied by a rainbow.  The deal for the day was that we would decide at 1:00.  If it was not raining we would head to pumpkin patch, if it was raining, we would do some family bowling.  I was bound and determined to do something fun with them today!  The patch won today (which was a little bit of a disappointment for Orion who loves to bowl).....and off we went!

We have been to several pumpkin farms the past few years, and I have to say the SCHUH FARMS was BY FAR the best!  They had a great shuttle service,  friendly help, and very affordable prices. We started out by finding all the clues in the corn maze. (a task that we could not pull off last year.) This was the most expensive part of our day, it cost us $20.00 for a family of 4 to wander through.  We really tried hard to ditch the kids, but they are like boomerangs, and always found there way back.  We were able to check out some baby pigs, baby cows and feed some chickens.  We swung by the latte stand (which was the highlight of my trip) grabbed some hot chocolates for the kids while I guzzled a Pumpkin Spiced Latte.  Dan cried and whined because I wouldn't let him buy a pumpkin cookie.   Our last event was grabbing some wheelbarrows, heading out through the apple orchard to find the perfect pumpkin!  We got a bit carried away, and came back with about 100 pounds of solid squash!  I tried to pick the most screwed up crazy pumpkin I could find.  Mine was long and narrow.....and I think I will carve it sideways. :)

We finished the afternoon by heading home to Anacortes and swinging by "Toppings".....the new frozen yogurt restaurant in town.  After eating about a pound of solid sweets, we all had a smile on our face as we went home.  Thank you Washington for letting us have this great family day, with no rain!  Here are some photos of our day:


Holiday Shows, SAVE THE DATES!

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Well, the last few weeks have been a mad house around here!  I have been so busy gearing up for the holiday shows!  There will be lots and lots of new paintings to check out!  Yahoo!  When I haven't been painting, I have been ordering, ordering, ordering.  All kinds of goodies should be showing up soon.  I ordered some new business cards, different sized shopping bags, prints, cards, mats, and even mini canvases to make ornaments!  They have turned out totally cool, and I can't wait to see what they all look like hanging from my little display tree!  I figure in a week or two I will do a mock set up of my booth and take a picture to show you!  My poor family have almost become homeless....there are paintings everywhere around the house.  As of right now, I can see 12 new paintings in the living room, 3 in the kitchen....and I who knows how many in the studio!  After this blog post, I have vowed to clean up and get organized! :) I decided this year to head out to the Kitsap Peninsula for two shows.  My hope is that I will get to see long time friends who never get a chance to check out my art. Originally from the cute little town of Olalla, I have moved quite a bit away from family and friends.

Here is where you can find me in November:

NORTH KITSAP HOLIDAY FEST - (in Poulsbo) - Saturday November 3rd... 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m,  Sunday November  4th...11 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


PENINSULA HIGH SCHOOL WINTERFEST - Saturday November 24th...9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Sunday November 25th from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Here are a few paintings that I have been working on the last couple of weeks:

"Your Gonna Shoot Your Eye Out!"

"Lime Kiln State Park, San Juan Island"

"O is for Octopus"



Wow, it has been a bit since I have added a new blog post!  Dan and I decided to take a much needed vacation to Belize this month.  It was wonderful to take a break from daily life, no more packing lunches for the kids, no cleaning the house, no commuting to work....10 days in Belize did the trick!  I feel so inspired since returning.  I have come up with some great new painting ideas.  Central America is so colorful!  I wish the U.S. could take some tips to brighten up this place! We had a wonderful time backpacking through the jungle.  Checking out the sleepy city of Dangriga.  We ziplined in Bocawina Park, snorkeled and fished in Tobacco Caye, followed by swimming with sea turtles in Caye Caulker!  10 days of laying in hammocks feeling the tropical breeze is bound to rest you up from life.  We meet wonderful people along the way.  Ruthie, a lady we stayed with in Dangringa, treated us as if we were her children.  A couple by the name of Jennifer and Jeremy showed us how to really relax on vacation, they spent most of their vacation sleeping, sleeping, sleeping!  Why can't I do that?  We also caught back up with Ruben at Ignacio's Cabin's, I just love that guy!  His kids were adorable.

It is always hard to return home again.  Living in the Seattle area can wear on you.  We are in the middle of July and today it is again raining.  The weather has been cool, full of thunderstorms, and wet.   I ask Dan almost every day why we live here.  His response EVERY DAY is because we have JOBS here. :)  Who needs a job anyways? We could live on the streets on some tropical island.  I could paint the sidewalks while he begs for money.  I think we would be just fine.

Here are a few highlight pictures of our trip:

Antelope Falls in Bocawina Park.

Ziplining was scary! :)

Ahhhh.....Tobacco Caye!

Carla = 3 barracuda     Dan = 0 barracuda


Mmmmm......nacho's and Belikin at the Lazy Lizard!

Ahhhhhhh! BELIZE! :)

After a long serious debate, Dan and I have decided that our next big adventure will be to Peru!  Granted, it will be a long time from now.  The kids need cars, their is college to pay for, and who knows, someday (keep your fingers crossed) I may want to move out of this wet state. For now, I will keep on painting!

Happy July!

Last post for the month!

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I have been pretty proud of myself lately with my blog.  It is hard to find the time to write on here, plus take care of the family and work my real job! :)  The website itself is a disaster and needs to be updated horribly.  I am thinking that next year I will down size or change it up a bit so I can keep up.

We had an AWESOME MEMORIAL WEEKEND.  We decided to take the kids and their friends to the beach cabin this weekend.  Mother nature actually cooperated and it only rained once.  Granted, it is always windy at the cabin but we were prepared.  This was the first summer cabin camp-out of the year, and it is always quite interesting to see how it goes.  For starters, we were not able to find a spatula (umm...where did it go?). So we spent the weekend flipping pancakes and burgers with a pie server.  We also realized we only have one set of sheets for the master bedroom after a puppy peed on the bed.  (at least she peed on Dan's side.)  The hot water tank has decided to leak so we took turns emptying the little dixie cup that we jimmy-rigged together.

The kids enjoyed the beach by digging holes with shovels......making a wall barrier to stop the water from coming in on high-tide, and finding treasures on the beach.  Every little thing they found last weekend they thought was from the Japanese tsunami. We made smores on an open fire and even told a few ghost stories....ooooo...spooky!  Dan caught a little baby fish which was better than being skunked I guess.  We visited with cousin's John and Linda (their cabin is right next door) and even shared a few home brews.

Overall, it was a great weekend!

My bro Marshall, step-dad Jerry and the big D!

Orion and Gabrielle hangin' on the beach.....

Ally and Hailey being teens as usual....

Beth and I!  We have been friends for 30 years!!! WOW I am old!

Dan's baby fish!

Well, with all that beach time we got me thinkin'........

I have been having day dreams of me on the beach in the Caribbean, warm sun, sandy toes, and is my self-portrait for today:

Happy End of May!

One Word.

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How was the weekend you ask?  One word.  SUNNY.

Need I say more???? Ohhhh ya baby......that bright orbit in the sky is a rare thing around here. We Washingtonians need to soak it up while we can..... :)

Tulip Time!

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Headed out to Skagit Valley AGAIN this past weekend!  The tulips are in full bloom!  We actually had  beautiful sunny weather!  What?  It was in the high sixties, and gorgeous!  We couldn't have asked for a better day.  We headed over to Roozengaarde Farm, paid 5 dollars for parking and hit the fields!  We arrived there in the morning, and I am so glad we did!  The crowds started piling in and traffic was a bit hairy, right around lunch time!  I have to say that that the farms themselves, do a great job of directing traffic, and helping you find a place to park.

After touring the fields, we headed over to La Conner to check out our friend Doug's new art gallery. Doug Bison makes beautiful bronze sculptures.  It was AWESOME!  He has the perfect building to display his Northwest Fine Art.  It you are ever in the area, you should check it out.....Blackfish Gallery.

After visiting for a bit, we walked around the little touristy town of  La Conner, checked out some shops and bought some ice cream cones!  You always have to buy an ice cream cone on a sunny day, especially if you are a Washingtonian!  HA! HA!  All in all, it was an incredible Sunday.  So glad to be outside, enjoying our weather. Here are a few pictures I snapped of the tulips. If you haven't been before, be sure to get the Skagit County Tulip Festival on your bucket list!

Happy Spring!


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The sun is out!  The sun is out!  The sun is out!  Do you know what that means?  The tulips and daffodils are starting to bloom in Skagit Valley.  This is one of my MOST FAVORITE parts of the year!  We took a little detour on the way to my step-dad's for Easter.  The family moaned and groaned about having to go out of our way, but it was WORTH IT!  Look what we found!  Yep, yep, that's right....a DAFFODIL FEILD!  Yahooo! The family doesn't know it yet, but I am making them go back again this weekend to see the tulips.  I just can't help myself, they are sooooo pretty!  Here are some shots I got last week:

If you would like more information the Skagit Valley Tulip HERE :)

Happy Spring!

Mamma Mia!

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We had an AWESOME weekend!  Ally and I got a chance to see MAMMA MIA at the Paramount Theater in Seattle!  It is our FAVORITE MOVIE EVER!  We are always running through the house singing "Dancing Queen".  (The boys think we are nuts!)  The production was great and they had some wonderful talented singers!  My favorite part was the last 10 minutes!  It turned into a comedy ABBA concert!  The cast came out in outrageous costumes from the 70's and sang!  So fun!

After the play we headed over to the CHEESECAKE FACTORY for dinner!  It was over-the-top!  Washington actually gave us a break and decided to be sunny and in the 50's!  All in all, it was one of the BEST DAYS EVER!